Monday, May 19, 2008

Photobucket Nolan's GRAND Achievement

Nolan is 9 years old. He has spent the past S*I*X years in speech therapy. The first three years it was 3x a week, the 3rd-5th year it was 2x a week, this year it's been once a week.

His therapist has said that he has all the sounds now, except for "R". We'll work on that. He still has some processing issues....but we can work on that as well. This is a huge step for us. SIX years is a long time to have speech. I'm relieved to be able to school without the pressure of breaking to run to appointments.....I'm excited that he can usually be understood these days. It's all good.

EXCEPT - Nolan has always gotten very attached to his therapists. It was hard to say goodbye in Alaska and move here. It was hard to say goodbye today to Miss Natalie. She is moving to San Antonio so I explained that he wouldn't see her even if we DID go to therapy next year. LOL

He wanted to get Miss Natalie a gift. I had several choices for him. He said, "I'd like to do flowers and chocolate". FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATE. I was rather proud at having raised such a thoughtful and insightful young man.

He didn't really love any of the ones that the florist had made up. He told them he thought Miss Natalie would like sunflowers and daisies. What a sweetheart. They made up this and he agreed that they were perfect.


We didn't get the chocolates. We delivered the card and flowers....and everyone ooed and ahed over the sweet boy.

On the way out I told Nolan, "Wow, I've taught you how to treat women WELL. You did that just right."


He replied, "Actually, Mom, I've been watching what Dad gives you all the time and flowers and chocolate are what you like."

Score - Mike was gloating over this one. He deserves to gloat. His young son has learned how to treat a special woman in his life. Way to go Mike and Nolan.

When we got home the other kids had decorated the house with signs and streamers...and a giant blanket fort that they will sleep in tonight.



When Nolan walked in they all yelled SURPRISE!


Great kids one and all! I love the care they have for each other. We weren't able to use the celebrate plate or do a special dinner as I was out tonight...and will be tomorrow...but WEDNESDAY we'll celebrate.

They're all out and about watching the Spurs game tonight....I think I'll give up on crunching numbers and sleep on it.
Photobucket MONDAY

I worked out - that was "good".

We did not do school - that was not good.

I took Nolan to speech.

I visited with a friend who stopped by.

I visited with a friend on the phone.

I raced to Mom's Night Out - last one of the year. We spent our time together sharing things we were thankful for this year. It was great. Encouraging. Meaningful.

I spent most of my day crunching numbers for a PWOC budget, checking out costs online, well....doing PWOC stuff both local and regional. Tomorrow night is our PWOC planning meeting - to plan the upcoming year....and then things are shutting down for the summer and we'll be able to get some quality school done! Yippee!


Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Weekly Goal - 240 Minutes (40 minutes most days)
Total Weekly Minutes - 360 minutes

Annual Goal - 11,700 minutes
Minutes to Date - 4, 812 minutes

Weeeellllllllll, it happened again. Someone excitedly congratulated me on my new pregnancy. I am not pregnant. I have a churlish, hypothyroid, middle-aged body that is fluffy!!!!!! ::snort:: I guess I simply have to continue food journaling, the workouts the trainer mapped out, and add more ab work......I AM getting stronger. Why did the weight melt off at 2 lbs a week last year and refuse to budge this year?

I feel good about getting the whole weight thing in 3x this week. I feel good about maintaining 40 - 60 min of cardio while adding the weights. I feel good about spreading the time out over 5 days (which barely meets the most days of the week goal). ::snort::

I don't feel so good about the stubborn scale or the excited folks commenting on my false pregnancies.

Monday - 65 Minutes (45 minbike, 20 min lower body weights)

Tuesday - 85 Minutes (40 min ARC, 25 min bike, 20 min upper body weights)

Wed - 40 Minutes (35 min elliptical, 5 min abs & obliques)

Thursday - 80 minutes (40 min ARC, 40 min weights - all)

Saturday - 90 minutes (30 min ARC, 20 min bike, 40 min weights - all)

To read accounts from more participants - click here. To join us, click the icon above.....