Monday, February 25, 2008

The Perfect Homeschool Mom....

I woke up this a.m. determined to be the perfect homeschool mom. I needed to build some confidence as I'm saying a few words tonight at Mom's Night Out. If you read this before or between 7 - 9 p.m. TX time (what is that Eastern/Mountain time?), feel free to pray. Jamin says I need to FOCUS more....just what that means, I'm not sure. I plan to take a prop and focus on it. ::snort::
Anyway, I began the day with a work out. Stacia and Zander like to work out with me. As I was pulsing (lunging with my weights), STACIA dropped a weight on ZANDER'S tummy.
I went to make them a smoothie.  While I did that, the dynamic duo found a can of root beer in the depths of the pantry. I LET THEM DRINK IT! It WAS organic.
Then Zander decided to blow bubbles with his and make maps on the table - geography - who can pass that up?

As I was cleaning up soda....I heard a scream in the back yard....
What is an ARM doing in the dog kennel????
Ah - OK - a head too - it's only Nolan....STUCK FAST. He can't explain WHY he was in there - it seemed like a good thing to do. Another clear case of T-Poisoning.
Lower him GENTLY
Crawl out - he couldn't. I began to imagine Nolan having to drag the kennel along with him until Mike got back to town, while Jared helpfully offered to spray him down with water and someone else suggested Coconut Oil. We pried him out.
I remembered speech in the knick of time.
We made these Japanese dolls from our
Hands and Heart Ancient Far East history kit.Photobucket
We began work on dragon puppets.
We did finally start Greece. We got our reading done then Arielle and Nolan kept reading and reading...we're ahead.

Jamin is working 40 hours this week (Stock Show/Rodeo) he's not doing "school." Jared asked what he should do. I told him to come up with a list of things he'd like to do that he hadn't been able to do yet (they are several weeks ahead of us and are done with Greece). He came up with a great list, hands-on projects, books.....on GREECE.

I need to do something about dinner and get presentable - AND make it to MNO on time...better hop to it.


You Be the Judge!!!

Have I lived in TX too long as my sons mercilessly claim? I stopped on our way home from dinner last night (with friends) to take this photo. THEY say they are scrawny trees, no mountains blah blah blah.....
I say they are "respectable beauty" - So....have I been in TX too long?



Experiencing the Resurrection by Henry and Melvin Blackaby

I will usually offer a book giveaway when I review the book for a blog tour. However, I'm supposed to post the review of this one during the week of 17 March. I would think someone may appreciate having this book BEFORE Easter.

If you would like this brand new copy of Experiencing the Resurrection, leave a comment. Be sure your blog url or email address is included so that I can reach you.

We will randomly draw a winner on Wed. I can't tell you more about the book - I'll begin reading it in the next day or two.