Friday, January 09, 2015

Another Update

Michael takes great joy in mocking my propensity to fall asleep reading a riveting book from my ipad.

This week I have come to walk in intimacy with Michael a bit more as I understand the FUN in catching a spouse "reading" while asleep. ::snort::

Michael did not come home today. He had a rough night and it is best he is right where he is.

I had M&Ms today (Moms and Mentors).  Megan has graciously opened her home to us. She has a playroom upstairs and our kids watch all the kids there - while we moms meet below. There was much more energy from the upper room - but I think we topped them for fervor in the living room.   This is going to be a fun group. Today there were 18 of us - 5 moms. Our discussion of  Desperate was encouraging and challenging as we discussed how we are not alone in this call to mother, the importance of friendship, the role of formulas in our parenting, and the fact that both we and our children are sinners - and how that should impact our mothering.  The group loves the format of a young mom baring her ragged struggles and an older mom sharing wisdom learned through the years and Scripture.   There is  something priceless in simply meeting with a small group of other women and sharing honestly about our success and struggles. Each gal will get together with another one of the gals sometime this month - it may be a play date, or a coffee date or whatever.  Sally's comments in chapter two about how she finds and create communities for herself and her children as she moves around were really encouraging and appropriate for a group of military women.  I believe each of us left encouraged. I would love to have a couple more older moms attending - I think it would provide a richness in shared views and would be fun to pair not only with  new play date friends but with older friends.....but at this point it's me and the young gals.....they chose to meet early in the morning - and while this means we "lose" a day of school - I can see this works so well for their little ones with nap and lunch.  I'm going to love this group - and so they start my list of blessings for the day. LOL

After M&Ms I took the kids home, grabbed a bit of lunch and headed for the hospital. As Michael was resting peacefully, I left in time to be home and watch a movie with the kids. I certainly didn't expect this week to go as it has - but it's been a good week - full of blessings should I choose to look for them.

  • M&Ms - the Moms and Mentor kind ::wink:: Still abstaining from sugar
  • Stephanie brought over some yummy enchiladas and roasted veggies for dinner
  • Michael has lost the oxygen and is awake more
  • Movie with the kids before bedtime
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