Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving Thanks!

I'm thankful that the lights are ALL up outside.

I'm thankful that the tree is up and no longer looks like a hippo. We'll top it tomorrow after our first Advent devotion, wreath, reading, activity, chocolate thingy....

I'm thankful that Arielle and I found all the ornaments we need for this week's exchanges.

I'm thankful that I'm starting to get IDEAS for Saturday's upcoming tea. We like to make a gift for the ladies to take home....I think this year's may be edible. Come to think of it, I made the Kissmas Whisks last year and they were edible too. Maybe I'll do a search for another idea...but that google search thing this time of year is DEADLY. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.

Deadbeat Nutcracker Mom

This is a new experience for me! You've no doubt heard the saying that "80% of the work is done by 20% of the people". I've always been in the 20% - always!

However, with this Nutcracker production I am certainly in the 80%. This is probably because this is our first year and I haven't a clue of what the possibilities for help are....and also I knew going into this that I had limited time I could invest this time of the year.

I still feel bad about this. NO ONE has tried to make me feel bad - it's my mommy guilt gene. I feel like I should be doing more. I know that I can't. If I HAD to do a lot with the production we couldn't have let Nolan participate. I USUALLY do a lot more than my "fair share" of the work when my family is involved in "most anything". I simply can't this time. I knew that going in. I try to console myself with the thought, "this is my TURN to be a deadbeat"...but goodness I felt bad seeing all those parents working to haul things to the theater as I picked up Nolan and ran for the barn.

Starting tomorrow, Nolan will be at practice every day through the last performance, which is next Sunday. I WILL be ushering for all 3 shows. I need to find some way to help out more that will allow me to also do all the other things that were on the calendar before Nutcracker....I'm not sure how...maybe I simply need to get used to be a deadbeat mom. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.

Deck the Pool!

Doesn't everyone clean out the pool when they put up their Christmas Decorations?



Jared's a champ! He has worked HARD the past two days and has been a huge help to Mike and I. This is a disgusting job, and it was COLD today...44*.

©2008 D.R.G.

Prayer Appreciated!

This is MY lighting responsibility. It's not going well. I'm about to simplify us right out of having a tree. I DID skip it the year Mike was deployed. ::snort::

Poor Mike and the boys are wrestling with the outside lights. All I have to do is string these. They all lit BEFORE I put them on the tree. Zander is WAITING (and has been for days) none to patiently to decorate the TREE.....and I have to get these puppies on their first.

To think I worried Nolan would miss decorating the tree because of Nutcracker practice. ::snort:: At this rate, he'll be here to help string the LIGHTS on the thing.

Back to work. It really is quite a funny photo. Doesn't it look sort of like the hippo in Fantasia....of course the skirt is slipping. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.

Advent Madness

Last year we added a gift every Sunday night of Advent as we continued with our other Advent traditions. I got this idea from Linda. We loved it. The gifts were mostly things I would have bought anyway - but they were saved for these special nights....calendars, family game, t-shirts...

For years I've seen some do "Advent Calendars". Last year we tried the play mobile one and it didn't work for us.... We are not fond of cheap candy (can't do the flavors, dyes and preservatives) but I remembered that Kathy does this with small gifts....and I saw those cute calendars at know THAT story. Becki suggested some ideas in the comment section of that entry. Becki, the idea to put clues in the little boxes and still use ONE calendar for ALL the children makes this doable for us.

I have gone online and searched "Advent Calendars" - DON'T DO IT!!!! ::snort:: I quickly realized the need for extreme caught to avoid the extras adding up to a budget busting holiday. I went to Rainbow Resource and bought a few things I've been planning to get for school. The kids will like them and I'll give them on some day from the calendar box. Mike is teasing that I should plan a full blown scavenger hunt each day of the month. ::snort::

Another idea that I found in my searching is to make an Advent ACTIVITY calendar. We'll make one today. I've not decided if we'll use my stash of TP tubes...or scrapbook paper. I'm leaning to paper as we may YET make that Greek Temple and need the TP tubes. ANYWAY, the idea is that you jot down a family activity for each day of the month. I love this idea....and would probably have not bought the present calendar if I'd done the google search first. This is a post with a ton of Advent Calendar ideas that I found on Kathy's aforementioned blog. This post on Paper Envelopes made me think I could really do this in a day. I'm going to merge several ideas.....Now, go ahead and do that google search if you must, but I DID warn you. ::snort::

Here's what I need from YOU!!!! I*D*E*A*S* please. December 1st will be here in no time.

What are some fun gifts for Advent Calendars that your children have particularly loved? I'm going to have the little things from Rainbow, I know candy one day, hot chocolate, coins, coupons for future outing with Mom and/or Dad....more ideas?

Here is my STARTING list of Activities for the Advent Activity Calendar. Can you think of more? PLEASE COMMENT! ::snort:: I need these to make my Activity Calendar.

  1. Take a toy to Toy for Tots

  2. Walk to visit the deer

  3. Go star gazing

  4. Decorate an outside tree for animals - read book by Eve or Eva Hunt

  5. Indoor picnic by the light of tree

  6. Dance like Crazy to Christmas music (yeah - we're not Baptist ::snort::)

  7. Make ice cream Sundaes (but we sort of do this weekly anyway)

  8. Picnic at the Lake

  9. Play tickle little kids, mom photographs

  10. Take older ones to see Concho lights

  11. Go for a neighborhood walk at night and enjoy the lights

  12. Make paper snowflakes and decorate the house.

  13. Family game night (plan several)

  14. Candlelit bubble bath (I can dream)

  15. Paint our toes (boys say NO WAY)

  16. Bake Christmas goodies

  17. Bake Christmas goodies again and take to neighbors

©2008 D.R.G.