Monday, July 26, 2021

Exploring Kenai - Fish Camp 21

We have never had a day to EXPLORE Kenai...with our fish in the freezer and two more nights paid for at the campground...we set out to have fun. 

Michael slept. He needed it after the past few days of heavy activity. 

The girls, CoRielle, and I set out to see the town of Kenai. We dropped CoRielle and the boys at a gorgeous municipal park. The girls had seen some antique and thrift stores they wanted to check out. They hoped to find something wonderfully whimsical to buy as a souvenir.  In the end we stopped at a new boutique...they bought little manicure kits in darling cases...and I bought some "soap lifts" and a perfectly whimsical mug. 

We headed back to the park and CoRielle was nowhere to be seen. It turns out they'd found a path down to the OCEAN!!!! Stacia opted to wait in the vehicle...Allie and I climbed down to the ocean....Benny was exploring in grand fashion. 

📷by Arielle

My heart...grands at the beach! 
📷by Arielle 

Allie, me, Arielle

Nothing better than Daddy/ Son adventures!
Cory sunk to his knees in glacial silt

When we'd nearly had our fill at the beach, we headed back up to the park. Benny wanted to show me all the highlights. 

These are the very first seashells Benny ever collected!!! I was there. I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting on how the challenging season of not being able to go to Japan has led to the blessings we are currently experiencing in Alaska. God's guidance is always sure - even when it looks mighty shaky to me! I'm clearly seeing a few of the reasons He chose to send us here rather than there. 

Michael was awake when we got back to camp. Danny is SO close to crawling. We thought it would be cool for him to begin crawling at fish camp - so Alaskan....ah well. Not yet. 

We had time to sit around a campfire, visit, and eat s'mores.  We did it early so the boys could get a good night's sleep. We planned to go down to friend's campfire later - but ended up in long discussions instead. LOL 

It was a day like no other we've had at fish camp....we loved it.