Saturday, May 19, 2007

Book Review: The Ministry of Motherhood, Ch 4

Chapter Four - The Grace of Forgiveness in Action
This chapter is excellent. I should copy the entire thing here, but I'll refrain. {g}
"Beyond that, though, I have learned that maturity in Christ is not instantaneous but a slow process. Even as a real human being starts off as a baby and matures towards adulthood, making mistakes and learning along the way, so Christian believers - including my children - start out immature and move gradually toward maturity. It is gracious forgiveness that enables us all to move past our mistakes and keep on growing . Even more important, it is forgiving grace that makes real love possible in our lives." p 53.
"Our children need the same kind (as Jesus displayed with sinners) of gentle graciousness from us if they are to learn to share their vulnerability, to confess their own sin, and to be free to love. If they fear our strong condemnation and possible rejection, they will hide their sin, perhaps even deceive themselves about the nature of it. They will definitely not avail themselves of our mature direction in their lives." p55. (emphasis mine)
"I believe we must strive to model that kind of gracious, forgiving love to our children. Of course we must instruct them in righteousness so they will understand the law of righteousness that is written in their hearts (Romans 1;18-19). We must teach them what sin is, and we must discipline them appropriately when they knowingly stray. Yet we must also show them, as Christ did for his disciples, what it means to be able to go tot he throne of God to receive forgiveness, the cleansing of our hearts, and God's unconditional love. And we must do this not only by talking about God's love (and being honest about our own need for forgiveness), but by making sure our children experience unconditional love and acceptance from us. " p. 55 (emphasis mine)
Next week we begin the Gift of Inspiration.

OH THE PRESSURE of Book Discussions!

I know many of you plan to participate in this discussion. I also know this is a busy time of the year. Say no to quilt. Enjoy the book. Read it and then click on the links in the sidebar and add your favorite quotes from the chapter or comment on mine.

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