Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Down Day

Michael declared today would be a "down day."  We got a surprise call from Discount RV Repairs in North Highlands - the Caboose was ready! We drove up to pick er up. The AC looks great, all the work looks nice....done 2 days early (6 days before original date given)....and about 1/2 the price of the quote from the jokers in Yuba City.  I can't believe they had great Yelp reviews. Lesson learned?

Not an actual photo of the Caboose - we have significant delaminating in the front
As we drove home with the Caboose, Michael got a huge grin on his face. "We're going to do this! In four days."  It was worth the work to see the total joy on his face in that moment....and that expression will keep us moving through the next four days of hard work to actually pull away from our "home."
Other fun for a down day - we checked out a historical spot we'd drive by for two years.

We finally grabbed lunch at 3 p.m.  I checked out the mega blenders at the BX and then met the family at the bowling ally.  (Photos compliments of Stacia).

Our next stop was Lowes for a quart of eggshell white paint, Sam's for a trailer size grill and Walmart....Walmart was a bust. We're looking for a 1 watt wifi antenna....need to find time to look at other places. We did get the measurements for a folding table we plan to use in the van while traveling.  Oh and Michael picked up ICE CREAM.....somehow tonight feels like a Sunday?

Four days and a much to do...but Michael says 80% of the work is behind us.

Fun Memories

The sorting, cleaning and rearranging of the past week often brought a smile to my face. Why? I continued to find nerf bullets in the most unlikely (and likely) spots.  Such great memories of battles past and battles recent.  We've made some great family memories in this house.
Here are the ones we found before the movers came.  

This one I see - but can't figure out HOW to get it down! This window is VERY high up...see the bullet laying on the edge?????
The first day the movers unearthed only two bullets. I knew there were more to come. Sure enough - when they moved the china hutch, I heard a, "Come quick with your camera." I couldn't figure out WHAT could be going on. Ah.....they found the mother lode.

I commented that this should be the last ones. No, Kenny insisted there was on "in the blind." I'm not sure there was. I suspect he said that because he knew I'd spend hours looking for the bullet in the blinds. LOL 
Yes, they ARE going in to the Caboose. The kids saved their guns and a couple of extra for Michael and me. I predict rousing Nerf Wars to continue.