Sunday, March 05, 2023

Our Weekend Adventures

Dad has shingles. This is not fun. Our weekend plans to spend time with babies came to a screeching halt. While Allie and Michael went to church, GG and I drove around trying to find an open urgent care clinic. It seems many urgent cares are now "mostly family practices" and close on the weekends. Huh? 

Millie enjoyed a visit to the groomers, though we need to do a lot of training on how to properly ride in a car. 

I was able to sit and catch up with a friend from our active-duty days. We both served in PWOC leadership (military women's ministry) and met at conferences or such. She now lives in the next town over. 

Michael replaced the kitchen faucet. It was more complicated than expected but it's oh so nice to have it done. 

Allie and I brainstormed an idea that seems to be unexpectedly taking root, we also read books and watched an episode of White Collar. 

How was your weekend?