Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mud, BBQs and Farewells

Krista always has the best adventures in a local area.  We need to learn some of her tricks. Saturday she, Wyatt and Katie were set to participate in the "Dirty Dash" in Albany.  We thought $40 to run in the mud was a bit much - but we went to watch. I think we need to have a family team next year. It looked like a lot of fun. 

Krista and Katie (Krista and Arielle's roommate)

Mud surfing
Actually - doing push ups

At the Finish Line
 Stacia and Alex tried their hands (and legs) at the climbing wall.

We got home in time to converge at Will and Sherri's for a bbq. I didn't take a single photo. I enjoyed the fellowship.  Lots of good transitions going on in our family this summer.

This was the last night with Arielle in our "home" as a "child." Neither of us wanted the night to end.....Sweet moments. As odd as it sounds, I kept remembering her little pre-school voice on the day she got her wisdom teeth removed, "I love you, Mommy."  I love this baby girl.  Alas, it's time to say goodbye to childhood and celebrate her launch into adulthood. I'm so proud of the way she is going about all this - a post for another day.