Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday the 13th

We had a brilliant Friday the 13th. 

Livie got up and finished school. She and I brainstormed about what kind of cookie she would like to bake. We made peanut butter cookies with chopped up Resees on top. 

Guess who has a golden birthday coming up? 

Allie is still on break and was able to play with Liv while Stacia finished school. They all busied themselves with games and conversations. 

Allie opted for what we call "introvert time" in the afternoon. She guessed (correctly) this would be her last opportunity to get laundry done, do a deep clean of her part of the room, declutter - in short prepare to start the next semester of college on Monday.  Bre and the children had invited me over to play. I showed up with cookies, a cousin and an Auntie.  The kids were fully occupied while Bre and I had a chance to JUST BE TOGETHER. 

Liv and Josiah

Gideon, Josiah, Annie and Auntie Stacia

Bre and Trudy

Since I have no photos of Saturday, I am going to simply blog it here. 

We dropped Millie at the groomer and Stacia, Liv and I went on to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby J. After the baby shower, we picked up Millie from the groomer and headed to Jamin's for a bit of movie, hot tub and pizza.  It was a full day.