Monday, November 30, 2020

Jesus - Day 1

Jesus - a common name, the transliteration of  the Hebrew name Joshua.  The name literally means "the LORD is salvation."

Tonight we compared the first Joshua - a courageous leader who fought battle after battle, leading thousands into the Promised Land...and Jesus - the second Joshua - who fought his epic battle alone, making way for us to enter God's presence. 

Jesus was born to save people from their sins.   

It wasn't the salvation Israel was looking for. Jesus' perspective is always bigger than mine. 

There are things about 2020 that have left me befuddled. I had expectations which have not be met. 

We were asked to consider what expectations we have of Jesus this Advent season. He may meet my expectations - he may not. But in all I am confident he every relationship, illness, financial woe...Jesus saves as we let Him be our savior in the midst of the right now moments of our lives. 

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu is the Advent Devotional our family is journeying through this month. 

BTW our countdown only has 24 days on it...and Advent begins before Dec we're camping out in the first spot for a few nights. LOL 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Advent in Quarantine

I have been reading through the New Testament in these final 3 months of 2020. I am challenged in Hebrews to "Consider Jesus." I want to stop, ponder and think deeply about Jesus. I've begun a list of all Hebrews shows about Jesus.  And so it is with  a heart primed to contemplate Jesus we enter this Advent season.

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

Stacia and I plan to work through this little book for the next four weeks. Asheritah's heart is to focus on facets of Jesus as expressed in his names...creating, and enhancing, a heart to worship Jesus.  It's almost like "someone" orchestrated this focus for us. 

 As we're all currently home, it was fitting for us to embark on the journey as a family. This first night we contemplated soul amnesia - our tendency to forget the awe of Jesus. We talked about God always having a plan, how that looks different than we expect but we can confidently rest in His plan. We talked about the patience of God and how no detail escapes His notice. 

We sang Silent Night together - we may need to find music to support our voices in the future. ::snort:: 

I am thankful on this slow, cooped-up, day  quarantine plays a role in family's  celebration of Advent 2020. It is good to slow down. It is good to be bored. In the silence, we think, we listen, we are renewed and restored. Covid certainly cannot stop a heart from Celebrating Christmas. 

This sweet family has recovered from Covid. They know the quarantine gig...Krista has diligently checked to see if we need anything from Walmart, Fred Myers - wherever she is going. Today, they went to our church for service and stopped by afterwards with chocolate oranges and kale. Possibly even more important to me, Krista gave me my first "other than Michael" hug in months! She no longer has to worry about Covid. I look forward to that freedom. 

I also look forward to seeing this snuggable, kissable face in person before the end of December. The girls are faithfully sending  us photos of the grandblessings. Here is Danny - look at how he's grown - I am thinking he's 2 1/2 weeks old here. 
Daniel Michael - CoRielle's 

Look what showed up in our mailbox. It did my heart GOOD and my eyes leak a bit. Nozomi means hope in Japanese.  Jewelry is made from broken pieces of pottery which washed up after the Quake Tsunami of 2011.  
I meant to pick up a piece before we left Japan - and never did.  I've since had two of "my girls" (Air Force spouses from women's ministries) be assigned to Japan. Both have sent me lovely in brokenness....such a profound truth. I treasure these pieces, for the meaning, the memories and the lovely relationships represented by the gifts.  

As I scan over the entry before posting - it hits me once again. It's always the people. Always. 

In Covid news: Michael took Alex to retest. Grandpa stayed in bed most the day and is very confused when he is awake.  His oxygen stays at 98 - 99.  We're all incredibly tired and enjoying our Marvel Marathon - not sure we'll finish it before our release. I can still not taste - though my sense of smell is returning and my oxygen is hovering between 93 - 95.  Other symptoms have abated. Krista's oxygen is 93-94. 

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Quarantine Visitors

We're still here. Most still feel pretty worn out.  Dad is sleeping - a lot - and I get it because all I want to to do is sleep.  

He commented, "And NOW I get a cold on top of COVID 19." We explained this WAS still all a part of Covid. 

The doorbell rang in the early afternoon. I could tell how stir crazy folks are getting because everyone ran to the door - except Grandpa who was sleeping. We had a nice visit from the driveway/porch. Cy, Carrie and Olivia went ice fishing this morning. Olivia caught her first fish. I think Michael is jealous. 

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

Look what they brought! There is great rejoicing in our home. These coupled with the ones Danny and Krista picked up will make enough for one in every Christmas stocking. LOL Those Happy Hippos are awfully cute. 

They went on to visit BreZaak. Josiah sent the following photo. We are looking forward to when WE will get to see Danny and JoJo face to face. Meanwhile Josiah and Jamin are working towards favored uncle status with the new crop of nephews. 
Josiah Michal & Josiah Eric Grant

We've begun a Marvel Movie Marathon. The goal is to watch them all in a chronological order. I believe this is a worthy goal. I missed the first day and so I am still clueless. ::snort:: 

Today, NOLAN received a call from the state contact nurse. ALEX (who tested first) hasn't, neither has Dad. It was pretty silly as we're so far into the quarantine and illness. She was upset we aren't all staying in our own little rooms. I'm betting she hasn't caught it yet...because in a home with everyone exhibiting symptoms, it makes NO SENSE to stay isolated in your own room....we quit that when Grandpa got sick. That was the ONLY reason that practice made sense to us.  The way the state's rules for those who don't test positive work it seems easiest to catch it at once and be done with it, rather than draw it out longer and longer.  They wanted to be sure we had groceries. 

She admitted there are quite a few people who simply won't test positive. They have symptoms, have been exposed, and still test negative. This confirms our thoughts on Krista specifically, and the test generally. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Final One to Succumb


I'm thankful most all are feeling better before I was laid low. All the A, C, D3, Zinc, sanitizer, soap, and immunity tea didn't keep me from my very own date with Covid. 

I woke up with a fever. I am typically 97.4...I was 100.5. Breathing is a bit difficult, I have a cough and headache and spent most the day sleeping. On the positive side the GI symptoms subsided. 

I'm not sure how everyone else spent the day. I went to bed when Michael was up....Grandpa is doing well. He is tired, but having no respiratory distress. 

I know several movies were watched....

The highlight of the day was a text from Danny and Krista G. They were heading to Walmart and picked up CHOCOLATE ORANGES for us. A silly thing, but I can rest easier knowing this year's oranges have been purchased.  

We're guessing I'm the final one to succumb to Covid. Stacia had that bad cold and we suspect that was this; she fought it off like a rock star. She woke up today and said, "I feel like eating for the first time in a long time." 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Much to be Thankful For

Woot! We got to visit - Michael, I, 9 Gherkins and their families, and Dad. We all got to see the two new grandboys....and we were just a tad bit jealous JAMIN is in that top corner holding Danny. 
Quarantine photo of the day 

Krista has promoted to Chaplain, Captain. We had planned to have a pinning ceremony, but Covid... The paperwork has all been submitted and changed on the military side. She asked if we could do the ceremony with family....which we did. 

We drew names for our Christmas Gift exchange - which we hold on New Year's Eve. It's good to have this habit as Anchorage is locked down until Jan 1st, and we can't get out to go shopping. ::snort:: 

 We had a scaled down Thanksgiving was plenty of food given the states of our appetites. 

Dad prayed and we were all thankful he was here! 

2020 is getting a bad rap - really. I KNOW 2020 has been hard - but y'all, as we sat around the table and discussed what we are thankful for this year we has not been our most challenging year. We did not live through a 9. earthquake, tsunami, or days not knowing if the young ones and Mike we're alive, we haven't lost any family members this year....and 2020 has brought us MANY blessings. 
  • Dad is home and improving all the time
  • We've had two new grandsons
  • Krista is making strides in her military ministry
  • Several are in new relationships
  • Friendships
  • Covid isn't affecting us as severely as it could 
  • March's lock down led to a slower pace, much margin and that's good. 
  • More time for deepening relationships with Jesus and family.
  • God is still God and he still SITS on His throne!  
  • and there was much more....
The guys cleaned up after dinner. I may have fallen asleep. We watched Wizard of Oz (Michael's childhood tradition), I may have fallen asleep. 

We broke out the chocolate orange...and I am going to try to get enough for stockings via click list....I find that sometimes "they" don't give me all I ask for, though they DO have it inside. Now that we are quarantined we can't run in and check. ::snort:: 

To be sure - we aren't quite up to par. We continue to fall asleep - a lot. 

Poor, dying soul....

I thought I may be having hot flashes throughout the day. I finally said, "I feel so I need to rip my clothes off."  It turns out Krista and Nolan are feeling the same. LOL I made many trips out into the snow to cool off. 

It also turns out Nolan and I are having trouble catching deep breaths. 

We played a few games of Farkle after the movie. Nolan, Krista and I continued working on the names on our Thanksgiving tablecloth. 

Krista came up with a fun design 2020 since everyone wasn't here to sign the cloth....
It doesn't show up well - but it's a screen with our small screens and names inside. After we are done embroidering we plan to wash the cloth and take it to have at LEAST Danny and Jo-Jo put their handprints on the cloth. It would be too sad for them not to leave a mark their first year. 

All in all it was a relaxing, slow, blessed day. We are thankful. 

The girls and I are a bit sad not to run out to the local Black Friday sales and breakfast...I tend to get lots of things for the grands on these sales....the budget stretches further. They probably won't even care if they don't get as many gifts this year. HOWEVER, WE are going to miss our matching, stylish, holiday pj's this list won't let me add them. ::snort:: 

When a Cheeseball Leads One Down Memory Lane (Terri's Cheeseball)

This holiday was set to be a bit different from the start. Instead of turkey, I bought a ham. Ham is the traditional choice of Cory's family and we thought it would be fun to do something different. I no longer value different. ::snort:: 

Tuesday night Stacia commented I would usually be cooking for 3 days before Thanksgiving - this was different. 

Tuesday night Michael made an off-hand comment that "we need to plan a Thanksgiving meal." 

Obviously, everyone else was putting more thought into a Thanksgiving meal than *I* have been giving it...this too is different.  I have been making pots of homemade chicken noodle soup. I have no taste and very little smell, which is a blessing in my role as chief caregiver in a Covid house. ::snort:: 

It's funny how a recipe can take you back in time. 

Terri S. shared her secret recipe for cheeseball with me over 30 years ago. It's one of the favorite recipes which has not made it to the blog, I promised all those decades ago in Hardin, MT not to share it. 

I gathered the ingredients and began to assemble a cheeseball. There are some in our home who will feel more festive just  seeing the cheeseball - even if they don't want to eat it. 

I was instantly back at our first pastoring experience...remembering fondly youth in our youth and elderly who taught us so very much,  the people....always the wonderful people and the many lessons we learned. Lessons which led to ginormous spiritual growth and have held us well in the past 30 years of ministry. 

I remembered Terry, Terri, Michael, Danny and Kevin and said a quick prayer for them. I remembered Sam, Cara and crew and said a prayer for Cara....I remembered Sam, Ev and kids; Bob, Betty and family, Violet and Caroline, Mary and her Mom, the Whitemans, the Moullets, the Ebens,  the Heiberts, the Gregories, Miriam the librarian, the Dales, the Frieds, the Kirshenmans, the Lachenmeirs, the Enzmingers, Sandra and Shelly, Grams and Uncle Bill, Dick and Judy and so many more...always the people. What a gracious God we serve, One who brings people and situations in and out of our lives to shape us into His image. 

I remembered the years we made 100's of cheeseballs to give away at Christmas. I remembered the open houses and family celebrations this recipe helped us celebrate in Montana, Texas, Oregon, Japan, California and Alaska...and I thanked God for faithfully directing our steps all these many years. 

Fortified with the memories, I made yet another one of Terri's Cheeseballs....and added, the Thanksgiving we were all quarantined with active Covid, to the list of cheeseball memories. 

I also decided I was not up to a cooking a full Thanksgiving meal this year. I called everyone together and we talked about the essentials everyone would like to "make it Thanksgiving." 

Michael - rolls (rising as I type this Thanksgiving morn)
Grandpa and Alex - potatoes (Scalloped ready to go)
Krista - Green Bean Casserole (She assembled it for a class video she made)
Nolan and Stacia - Stuffing! 

I tried to explain it's hard to have stuffing without a BIRD to stuff and thus stuffing goes with Turkey and Scalloped Potatoes with Ham.  They weren't having it....and so I will make stuffing - without the turkey parts I usually throw in; but with apples and pecans and homemade broth. 

Not a single dessert was listed. In year's past I've made 9 pies so everyone could have their favorite...but with no guests coming this year, and several of us barely eating, it was decided we'll spread Thanksgiving Desserts through the weeks to come. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

DEAD SOUL or a Covid Update

That girl there. She's always had a way with words, and always been the extroverted Gherkin in the midst of introverts. 

Today, as we assembled to discuss what to cook for a Quarantined Thanksgiving and we checked in on everyone's symptoms, she burst out, "MY SOUL IS DEAD. I am living ALONE when I grow up. " 

Yikes, this sounds rather drastic. It appears her soul is dying as she is cut off from work, church, young nephews....and she has determined if she lives alone she will never again have to deal with others bringing a pandemic into her living space. 

Further discussion led to the understanding that what we are calling, "overwhelming exhaustion," she is labeling "dead soul." 

Covid - hmm....what to say. Is it as bad as we hear? Yes and no. Is it just like the flu - that's NOT been our experience. 

Alex seems to be consistently feeling well. 

Krista still deals with pretty strong symptoms that come and go. They both got sick on the 10th/11th. Alex tested positive on Nov 18th. They were SICK, had high fevers, the respiratory and the GI symptoms...

Michael was laid LOW for 4 days....could NOT get up, dizzy and sore throat, fever. We aren't sure if the dizziness is Parkinsons or Covid. He is up and about and feels pretty good....but there are times he simply needs to sit or lay down...and does. 

Nolan - all the symptoms of Alex and Krista...still lingering. He also lost his taste and smell. His fever is gone, but he is certainly not feeling good. 

I began by feeling "off" and losing my sense of taste and smell. That was all for the first few days. Today, I'm tired, nauseated, have a splitting headache and GI issues. I haven't had an official "fever" - but I tend to run 97.2 and I'm at 98.8. Others are feeling better - so I spent several hours sleeping and more hours just lying on the couch today. Krista made dinner - which was a very good thing. 

Stacia is "soul dead" and had what appeared to be a bad cold. 

This is what I'm leading up too - we've not experienced the extreme hype of Covid. We've not been hospitalized, but we've experienced much more than the annual flu. That which we feared in the spring - Grandpa catching Covid - is confirmed to be upon us.  

Grandpa has tested positive. Of the 5 who have tested (all with symptoms) 3 got positive results and 2 got negative results. We believe false negatives as they've had the same symptoms. We are starting to believe some folks have something in their bodies which simply won't test positive....because KRISTA is the one who brought this to us from her classroom and she was SICK. She is considering an anti-body test when everyone is well so she can go back to work and not have to quarantine an additional 2 weeks. 

Grandpa was SICK Friday - Sunday. Horrible cramps, retching for days, diarreah...we are thanking God it is NOT respiratory and his oxygen levels have stayed at 95 or above. He hasn't developed a fever. He is very tired....but weathering it well...and he is 79 3/4 years old with many co-morbidities. We appreciate your continued prayers for him as he weathers this challenge. 

I would NOT say I'm no longer worried about Grandpa and Covid, but I'm fully at peace, knowing God numbers our Dad says, "I'm tougher than people think." 

In our home - Alex and Krista seem to have had the most severe symptoms, but all of us have been miserable in one way or another. 

The way the school district, and our state, guidelines are written those of us who have NOT TESTED positive will be quarantined 2 weeks past point where the last one who DID test positive tests negative.  And yet the docs seem o.k. booking Dad's appointments 2 weeks past the last positive result. I have given up figuring out how long we are supposed to stay home. Krista says Dec 13th now. Stacia and I are not testing. We aren't being required, or asked, to do so. We figure at least one of us would test negative anyway and we're ALREADY QUARANTINED. 

We are thankful we have not had terrible symptoms. We are also more determined than ever to social distance, wear our masks and do all we can to make sure no one else catches this from us...because it really isn't a lark. Even the isolation for weeks on end could be devastating in a large family where employment is still needed. 

Before anyone says "I told you so," we HAVE worn our masks, we have limited our outings, we have social distanced, Dad and I haven't been out except to see a dentist since he came home on Oct 8th...but unless everyone in your circle stays home, you could do everything "right" and still catch this thing.  We DO have 4 in our home with jobs.  We have had 8 health professionals in our home each week since October. We are hearing  the soonest anyone has been re-infected is 6 - 8 months....we are hoping for immunity and the ability to get out a bit in the upcoming winter months. 

There you go - an update and covid thoughts for the day. 

The Holiday is Saved


Michael hides goodies. 

Today, I asked Nolan to reach into the higher cupboard for the cheeseball plate...and he found a CHOCOLATE ORANGE! 

There was great rejoicing in the home.  Several have been worrying chocolate oranges will sell out before we are let loose on society again. (Which reminds me I better try to click list a ton if I want to put them in Christmas stockings.....)

Evidently, we can survive a covid outbreak in with flying colors but a holiday season without  chocolate oranges is unthinkable. 

We've scheduled a Gherkin Thanksgiving Zoom for tomorrow. Cory asked if we would be sharing virtual food. ::snort:: 

We may let the elder Gherkins watch us eat our chocolate orange. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Day At Home

An update: There are still waves or sudden attacks of symptoms in the midst of feeling pretty good - but it is better than we've seen in the recent past. All fevers are officially gone. 

With that said, I can confirm my sense of taste and smell are off. I also found myself overwhelmingly exhausted and experiencing nausea, cramps and temp is up to normal - I'm usually low. I am surprised we've had as many GI symptoms as the stereotypical respiratory symptoms. 

Millie misses going outside to play....Michael has discovered a pair of work gloves makes playing with her much more enjoyable. Poor Millie is having trouble getting up the stairs. The bottom of her feet are furry....She has fallen on the last 3 inside stairs enough that she stays on the landing and barks. 

Today's Quarantine Photo

Michael took Grandpa to get tested today. The lines and waits are getting longer.  Grandpa is feeling nearly back to normal. We continue to pray he gets no other symptoms. 

Marvilie texted. She was heading to Walmart and wondered if we needed anything. YES. Slippers for Grandpa. Also Pudding (float GG's pills), Jello (for upset stomachs), and LYSOL spray and wipes.  Having been on lockdown, we planned to get slippers when we were OFF lockdown.  We are looking for a walker tray too - thought we'd be able to go shopping before Amazon would arrive, now I'm not quite so sure. We had one glorious day off lock down - the 17th - before Alex texted positive and we went back into lock down. We are GLAD we didn't get to the stores, but....

Marvilie and Avi blessed us well today. We are grateful. They were so stealthy we didn't even realize they were HERE until they weren't here. 

Jello and Cottage cheese - enough to MAKE you nauseated if you aren't...but Michael is in heaven. I have made more pudding and Jello in the past two months than I have in DECADES. 

We have learned a valuable lesson. We've often offered help. We've offered meals, when that is turned down we've said, "If you need anything please let us know." And we are sincere. Several have offered us help - and we can't think of a thing we need enough to ask another to go out of their way. However, a couple of texted they are heading to Carrs or Walmart and asked if we need anything.....both times we've needed things. Friends, we promise, if we ever are allowed "out" again, we'll be better at offering specific help. 

Michael took advantage of us all being home to exchange our 2020 pennies for dollar coins. He began this with the kids decades ago. It took way longer to find a current penny this year - not sure if that's because of 2020 or that we live in Alaska. 

Alex found the first 2020 penny, Nolan followed within minutes. The first finder is rewarded with FIVE dollar coins. Grandpa seemed interested in THIS tradition. 

We ended the day snuggled in the living room watching, "The Muppets Christmas Carol." 

* Despite all this wonderful "down time," I have still not gotten the blog caught up.....I suspect there's still time. At least I'm blogging current. LOL 

Monday, November 23, 2020

When Click List Becomes an Outing

 "Covid! Who would have thought picking up GROCERIES would be an outing?" 

Yep. That's it. The excitement for today was Cory dropping off some Lactose intolerant milk, submitting a click list order and Michael picking up said well as dropping off our Christmas Blessing donations at the church so they can sit a good long time before anyone touches them. 

ANOTHER click list order?  It appears I forgot  "covid essential" supplies - ice cream, more zinc, more diet 7 up, more wipes...I couldn't find Lysol spray online. I'm sure it IS there,  I simply wasn't able to discover the magical combo of words which would have put it into our cart. ::snort:: 

Monday - Nolan's Covid test is positive. This resets the clock for him returning to work. He will be home with us at least 10 days, then he'll test again and see if he's negative or positive. Alex has 6 days left before he can retest. Michael and Krista's tests came back negative. Honestly, we know they DO have it - because they HAVE been exposed and ARE experiencing symptoms. Krista was hoping to finally get a positive so she could be assured of freedom in 10 days! 

The way the DHSS guidance reads every time one of us who hasn't testing positive comes in contact with one of us who HAS tested positive, we are to quarantine an additional 14 days. You DO see the craziness of this in a large family? It may be spring before one who doesn't test positive is allowed out...A significant amount of time was spent re-scheduling appointments - again. 

And so our quarantine has extended to Dec 6th  due to Nolan's test results and well it keeps moving as we keep seeing him...because frankly...we are ALL HOME and we are going to be TOGETHER now that Dad has shown symptoms. 

The older 3 Gherkins are so busy we rarely have us all home. One blessing of quarantine is it takes the pressure off to "rush back to health"...we rest when we need to, get up and do what we can when we feel like it, and we're together. Dinner may be jello, but we're together. We have TIME to watch Christmas movies, play games, read...unfortunately, we ARE missing out on seeing our new grands, or having all the Gherkins over for Thanksgiving. 

I determined to take one Covid Quarantine photo a day and try to at least keep that current on the blog. 

Today's Quarantine Photo 

Alex and Stacia were bored enough to play a double game of Monopoly. Grandpa wasn't too excited about the game, but was glad to be with the group. Krista won. 

Symptom wise...I believe all FEVERS HAVE BROKEN. Alex is on the mend. Krista is on the mend with wild swings of symptoms.  Both of them had it ROUGH about this time last week. Nolan has added a lack of taste to his list of symptoms. Michael was up today, and down some of the day. I have discovered an odd lack of taste and I have been really sleepy...just 'off'.  Nolan and I were discussing how the zinc really has no taste....and the others insist they DO taste. I suspected my taste buds were off last night when I accidently dumped a 1/4 cup of garlic on my quesadilla. I could barely taste the garlic - and I wondered.  We wonder if Stacia's cold may have been covid...but she's young and her immune system kicked whatever it was. Grandpa is still having no respiratory problems - PRAISE GOD.  He isn't retching today, but continues to have GI issues. We are keeping him hydrated. He's eating a lot of sugar free jello and soda and is happy thinking he is getting lots of sugary treats. ::shhhh::

Various home health members from Ancora have called about Dad today. None came into our home. One or two were willing too, but I didn't think it was essential. They called Dad's doc and Dad's doc wants him to go get a Covid test. I suspect it's so the home health has clear guidelines on if they are, or are not, coming into our home....but we'll do it. I was told they needed a "baseline" because of Dad's age. WHUT????? Dad seems excited for an outing....and that's the sad season of life we've been in since October....getting a covid test is an exciting outing. ::snort::  

This will be dad's 3rd test. Krista has had 6 and Michael has had 2.

Sorry for the long-winded update.  This begins our 3rd week of lockdown....though Dad and I have been mostly locked down since Oct 8th.  

Isn't it ironic the ramp is complete and we CAN go out and now we're ordered to stay IN? ::Snort:: 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Covid Manifestations

There is a LOT that I have not the fact that we were on LOCK DOWN for a full 11 days before we went on the current quarantine and we added 2 grandsons....I decided I better just update as often as I can NOW and catch up as we go....

Michael was too tired to get out of bed on Thursday or Friday.  His sore throat and dizziness joined exhaustion on Friday. Nolan came home from work with a 101.8 fever and sore throat. We prepared for however Covid would manifest in our home. 

We planned to keep all the kids in the basement...leaving our two high riskers - Michael and Dad on the top floor.  We went to bed with a plan.... My plan included homemade chicken and dumplings.  I'm a firm believer in homemade Chicken Noodle Soup to help most ailments. 

Friday the sick "adult kids" and Michael proceeded as they had on Thursday.  Dad began cramping and well...imagine the GI tract. It was quick, hard, and nasty. Dad began retching. Krista developed new GI symptoms.  I ran between everyone. 

I called numerous doctors and it appears most take Friday off. I called the urgent care about Dad - they didn't want to see him. They said to go to the hospital if I had questions. Well - I'm NOT taking anyone to the hospital for QUESTIONS when they are so over-booked and full of germs and I know WE have covid germs. I talked with the home health nurse once - but when things got bad and I REALLY needed to talk to someone - I could reach no one.  We soldiered on.  The nurse had told me to get jello, Pedialyte and such. I had a click it order ready to pick up on Friday night.....Cory ran and got that stuff for me and I picked it up when  I got the click it contact with ANYONE....and poor Benny cried and I cried because you know - it's ALREADY been 11 days and we are missing milestone days...for babies. 

That evening I became worried about Dad retching and the many meds he is on...and the fact I had insulin to give him. Since I couldn't reach any medical professionals I called the family nurse...and she gave me confidence. 

People began texting to see if we needed anything - at this point I couldn't think of a thing we needed. 

Saturday morning the cramping and such were gone....everyone felt better. Most stayed in bed. 

Krista made up the dandelion salve she and I had begun in the summer. 

McDonald's wants a covid test for Nolan NOW. The result won't change the instructions to quarantine and no one FEELS like going anywhere,  but OK - He and Michael went in for Covid tests. We decided not to take any of the rest of us - because we know we have it and we're already locked down. Our thought is if Michael is positive we can ALWAYS call the VA and get a doc to answer questions, maybe easier than all the civilian docs who are gone Fri-Sunday.  If Dad gets sick enough for the hospital they'll do a covid test then - why make him have 2? 

Stacia and I watched Christmas movies and MacGyver. Millie reacts to dogs on the screen. 

A friend texted to see if we needed anything at Carrs. Freddies is out of zinc throat lozenges and I realized we needed more. Sweet - 2 packages delivered at home - and I got to see an "outsider" from the front door. 

I made a big pot of Chicken and dumplings. Since we figured everyone but Stacia and I have Covid (her sinus congestion is clearing up), we decided to lift the basement dweller mandate and enjoy dinner together. 

We watched a "Google Translate Thanksgiving" and laughed - a lot. We discussed this won't be terrible when folks are feeling better and we can just have "home" time with family. 

I woke this a.m. to a quiet home. Everyone slept in. Most still haven't gotten up. I drank a quart of Yogi Immune Support Tea. It can't hurt...I choose to believe God is keeping me healthy to serve all the sickos around here. 

I assumed everyone would be feeling better and made a bunch of bacon. Stacia and I are the only ones up for a meal. Krista has gone to get tested. She realized IF the rest of us test positive willy-nilly she will keep getting extended for another 2 weeks. We are praying she has enough of the virus left in her system to test positive. She WILL be here with us until at least Dec 4th as is....

Dad got up. He said he felt wonderful. I couldn't talk him out of a big breakfast. He is now back in bed with renewed GI discomfort. Sometimes you just have to let a person figure it out for themselves. He said he'll stick with the Jello and clear drinks today, too. 

I'm doing laundry, lots of laundry. Running drinks, crackers and Jello here and there... It's SNOWING. 

Snow and Ramp

 It's a treat when it warms up enough to snow. On this quarantined Sunday, the snow is a blessing.  I've been wanting to grab photos with the house now that it has a ramp and used the trip out for the paper to take a few. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

And Today in Our Home...COVID Makes an Appearance

 One never knows what a day will bring. Today was Krista's FIRST day back at work. Krista was exposed at work to covid. The entire class was quarantined. 

She was SICK. She tested negative. Alex got SICK. They both got better. 

Alex was fever and symptom free for two days before he went back to work on Monday and Tuesday. 

The good thing about Alex getting sick - even though Krista had tested negative and was the one locked down, not us - we all stayed home....we figured there was a bug and we didn't want to spread WHATEVER it was. 

Tuesday was Michael's birthday. Dad had a dental appointment. Everyone was feeling well. Michael, Dad and I went to lunch afterwards and Alex and Nolan met us. That night Alex had a fever of 101.8 again...and a sore throat....the fact that it came suddenly, left suddenly, and came again SUDDENLY...clued me in....I was pretty sure Krista had been positive and the rapid test gave a false negative. 

I drove Alex to get tested yesterday morning.  We got the positive result today. The contact nurse hasn't reached us yet - but we can see the results.... 

The trees are GORGEOUS this week. They are covered in frost and snow. I've been wanting to get out and take photos before the wind arrives....but it hasn't worked out that way with scheduling and quarantining....I took advantage of the covid testing to stop for this shot on our way home. 

Nolan walked in the door shortly after we saw Alex's results. He had SUDDENLY gotten a sore throat and fever...

Stacia is congested - no fever - most likely a cold? Michael feels "off" but nothing concrete. 

We have our own "Ask an almost nurse" and she told us it is best to wait a few days after exposure to be tested...we'll be sure to ask when the state calls us....and so now...

We had one glorious day off of lock down...Krista went to work but the rest of us were home due to home health for Dad. I had plans to brave a Walmart run with Dad tomorrow, but we'll be settled at home for another 2 weeks. 

All the going back and forth about what to do about the kids and Thanksgiving....not a problem now. BreZaak, CoRielle and those sweet new babies won't be near us for a good long time. NO ONE will be coming for Thanksgiving....maybe Christmas. I have enough food here to serve a crowd ham dinner....we won't starve. 

We'd appreciate your prayers for Dad to be in a big ole HEALTH BUBBLE and not catch this. We're doing all the things....

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Millie's Winter Gear

Millie seems to be enjoying  all her people in the house...but she is not so sure about being STUCK inside. She doesn't have an undercut and so gets very cold, very quickly.  

Now she can got out in style....she has a coat and snow boots.... LOL 
Quarantine Photo of the Day 

But it was quite the job to get her used to these. First we tried just the boots....

The next morning we added the coat first....

And THIS is what happens when she goes out without a coat and boots....little ice/snow balls between her toes and up and down her legs. We considered getting leggings too - but this seems to be helping. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

G Dog Getting Strong

Dad doesn't enjoy physical, speech and occupational therapy...but he's getting stronger bit by bit. We are thankful for the good care Ancora Home Healthcare are providing.