Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday's S'mores

Saturdays are days of much work and progress around here. Michael and the boys continued to pull out the wood,split it all, and make sure it was stacked with the wettest in the back.....We are still looking for dry birch to buy.

Stacia and I worked inside, created a menu for tomorrow's dinner, and went shopping. As the afternoon came to a close, Michael asked if we'd like a fire after dinner. YES. It's finally dark enough to enjoy it, not too cold....perfect. These hollowed out logs make great "chimneys."

We got the fire going, brought out the s'more fixings, and the kids showed up. Fun night. I wish it had been clear enough for a fire when JaRissa and Cy were out.
Arielle and Bella 

Warm feet 

Bre and Gideon 

Bre, Gideon, Izaak and Bella 
 We had brought some square marshmallows all the way from Oregon. Cousin Lorri had given them to us. It was fun to finally use them and to text her a photo.

Even Yuuki joined the fire
Gideon & Bella's  first campfire? Izaak demonstrates his technique while Bre & Alex look on. 
Cory and Arielle and Baby S
Sitting by the fire in the evenings is one thing we really miss about living in the RV. This was nice....and someday we'll have a pathway, a patio area and a finished fire pit....but for now...this works well. LOL There's nothing better than family, around a campfire, after a long day of work.