Thursday, June 28, 2007

We're ALIVE!

I've got entries but will need to find free wi fi before I update. Our RV Park has it "available" for $7 a day - not happening. BUT we were out driving and found a connection - thank you to The Normans - whoever they may be.

Convention has begun. The flu hit the last two children yesterday. I think we're on the road to health and fun again.

I CAN check email at the Park so feel free to email. ::snort::

Now, gotta see if I can find some waypoint for a geocache or two.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 9 - Crescent City - Golden Celebration - June 23, 2007

We got up at 7 and headed to town. We helped Rebecca set up, decorate, and fix food for the folks' anniversary reception. Mom T came and helped us set up too - thanks Mom!
Check out Rebecca's ingenious "cooler". There's a sheet of insulation board under the boat. The boat is filled with ice and meat/cheese platters. More ice on top. Wrapped in plastic and there was another sheet of insulation on top. Worked great.
We finished there about 7 p.m. (though I brought the little ones home at 5:30).

We ran over to the folks' and had a last visit with everyone. We plan to leave here for Springfield, OR in the a.m. I have a few photos to finish printing and drop off at G's....and the boys have reported that they forgot to bring the row boat back up to the house...I'm guessing we AREN'T going to get out of here by 9:00 a.m.
Good-byes are hard! We've been blessed to have this time together.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 8 - Crescent City, CA - June 22, 2007
Walking the Jetty
Mom T met up with us on the jetty....
Feeding Gulls
Battery Point Lighthouse - love this one. Mom G knew the children who lived here. They would have to row across the harbor and go to school each day.

Sea Salt - mixed with WHAT on the jetty ::snort::
The Warning Sign - on the jetty Hunting for Agates

Mike and the older boys climbed the tetrapods and went to the very end of the jetty.
BBQ at Mom and Dad G's
Mom and Dad T (my parents)
John and Mary K (Mike's oldest sister)
Dad G (Mike's Dad)
Teaching how to use slinkies
Rebecca (Mike's 2nd sis) and Mom G
Day 7 - Overnight on the Beach.... June 21, 2007

This was the first beach overnighter for Arielle, Nolan and Zander. Zander (5) is the youngest any of the children have stayed on the beach. Usually, I watch them from the river room and Mom and Dad G's....but I was glad to be in the trailer this time. It really is nice to have your own things when children start throwing up on them......and it really is nice that none of them have been sick on a travel day.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 8 - Crescent City, CA June 22, 2007

Too tired to load photos tonight and tomorrow will be early. BUT had to post something....

Quote of the day: After throwing up for the first time in her life, Stacia said, "Wow!"

Mike and the children returned home with photos and stories of their night on the beach. They were surprised Stacia was sleeping and I quickly filled them in.

We decided I would try to do some smelly laundry while Mike and the children showered.

Stacia seemed fine. We headed for town. We picnicked at a Kids Town park. We walked on the pier and took lots of photos of my light house. We searched for agates.

My folks arrived. Dad was tired and hurting and went to rest. Mom caught up with us at the beach. We all headed over to Mom and Dad G's. Mike sister, Mary K and her husband John had arrived. Rebecca, Mike's other sister arrived. We had a BBQ.

Home now but need to be up decorating and such photos later.

Thanks for the prayers for Stacia. We suspect bad milk with the fridge problem. Debbie, thank Bri for his comments. All the trailer manuals were inadvertently left home....his comments about the fridge confirm what Mike was thinking.

Stacia just woke up. She threw up in our bed where she and I were cuddling since all else are sleeping snugly on the river beach. ::snort::

Pray this is a ONE time thing and not the flu bug. We cannot have sick ones around Dad G - especially not with tomorrow's shindig.....there is so much to do today and tomorrow with the party tomorrow.....I really need to be able to help, but I really have a thing about leaving sick kids....spending lots of "alone time" with the flu bug going through the camper.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 7 - Part 2 Crescent City, CA - June 21, 2007

Quote of the day: After watching his father's ill treatment of his mother (read below), Zander said, "Dad, you are just!" ::snort:: I guess that's as bad as he could think.

After settling in to our new site, we headed over to Mom and Dad G's. Today is their 50th anniversary....
We spent the afternoon down at the river. Jared swam ACROSS the river and BACK. A first for him - somewhat of a rite of passage in our household.
Mike's high school tennis coach now lives next to his parents. He came out yesterday and offered us the use of his kayaks. We gratefully accepted. Our picnic on the far side of the river.
The view of Mom and Dad G's from our picnic - you can just make out the van to the right of the photo.
Mike determined that I would go in the water. I had been "in" but not "in enough" for his satisfaction. I told him that God made tropical oceans and rivers for swimming but he made the Smith River for viewing and boating.....I finally told him he had no moral authority because the kids had noted HE had not gone in yet. He dived in. Note I NEVER said I would go in if he did.....but I knew the battle was over when he picked me up......I told him to leave me alone and I WOULD go in.....Jamin evidently grabbed the Nikon - ignoring my rule that no one snap a photo of me in my swimming suit. I share all this because the quote of the day came from this incident. LOL When I wouldn't go in deeper he threatened to make me - and did.
It was cold!
We came back to the trailer - SHOWERED in our trailer that now had a working pump ::snort:: - and then picked up Dad and Mom G. We took them out to The Grotto - one of their favorites for their anniversary.

Crescent City is amazing. It has the Redwoods. Mom and Dad G live less than 1/2 a mile from the state park and right on the river. In other words, they live in the middle of the redwoods. They are 10 miles out from C City. C City has an OCEAN. I love the ocean. It's always fun to me to introduce a child to the ocean. Today was Zander's first time to see the ocean. Stacia's too, but she probably won't remember so we'll get to do it again with her on our next trip. LOL We could watch the ocean while we ate. Zander seemed mildly interested. We drove home along the ocean and Mike stopped to take photos. I let Zander get out and he spent several minutes just staring out at the horizon. It was obvious that he was contemplating how big it was.
And WHY do I have all this time to blog tonight????? Because Mike and the children are sleeping on the other side of the river tonight. This is another rite of passage. I don't think BreAnne ever did this but all the others have. I'm home with Stacia....she's asleep. It's amazing. I never planned it to happen this way but I'm getting my very own night alone....maybe not in a hotel and not a real vacation but it is wonderful.
Day 1 photos -

I lost all the photos on the little camera but Mike had taken a few on the Nikon. The Nikon actually takes better night photos anyway. LOL I finally had a minute to play with the lap top and the Nikon to get them communicating.

Sunset in Moriarty, NM - Zia RV Park
Goats and lhamas
Fun spot to camp - to bad they broke the water main....I think we are bad luck for these parks. ::snort:: Seriously, Debbie, we also LOVE state parks and think that we need to buy a new battery.....but since we just bought new tires we opted for a new campground instead. LOL
We interupt this vacation to bring you long awaited photos....

CY'S HOME - the day before we left. Stacia was soooo excited to see him and it was about 11:30 p.m. I know the one is fuzzy but it captures her excitement better than any of the

other photos. We miss you Josiah! (Don't forget to water the lawn! ::snort::)
Day 7 - Crescent City, CA - A Tale of Two Campsites

I did not nag. In fact, I was content. ::snort:: However, it became apparent that our trailer is not set up for "real" camping. The fridge quit working. I have no clue why....but it wouldn't cool. The battery totally died yesterday. We charged it with the van and it died again BEFORE lights, furnace, fridge, water pump.....not a big deal when we packed for camping....but we have no warm blankets, no coolers for food, no containers to haul water.....and so...

Mike went and checked the horse pasture. They had room. They give a military discount. We are set. They ALSO have coin showers...but we have water hooked up to the trailer so we can shower that way.

Our first campsite was gorgeous....

Our second site is also in a very pretty setting. We have a field for Frisbee behind the trailer, you can see the ring of mountains...all in all a very nice horse pasture it is. ::snort:: We are chuckling at how our views have changed...from "gee WHIZ can't they even get along without their electric for a weekend" to "OK - let's camp in the horse pasture!". ::snort:: Really, it all comes back to how you are packed. This has convinced us to keep one of our tents, one of our solar showers and such. Look how close our slide out is to the concrete divider.

The younger four love these dogs that are across the field. The dog was better at Frisbee than the children. ::snort::