Monday, August 14, 2017

Dentists, Library Cards and TEA!

We met a new dentist today. I was happy all over when I realized we can keep this dentist for DECADES, if we choose to do so.  We won't have to find another one in 2-3 years.  We really liked this office.....The, "PRAY," sign above the receptionist was a bit unnerving. Stacia said, "Finally, a dentist who knows what kids do when they come anyway." 🐽

The boys had no cavities, Stacia had three. Life is just not fair - she is much more religious about oral hygiene than at least one of those boys and I suspect both. She's a bit ocd about it all.

The kids have NOT forgotten they are owed Dairy Queen after the dentist! Alas, there is NO CHOCOLATE sauce at Dairy Queen until the next truck comes in. 🍦🍨🍦I told them of the time 12 years ago we went to a restaurant and they had the same issue - but were out of hamburger - at a fast food joint.

They felt getting library cards would be a great consolation prize, so we did.

In the afternoon, Michael and the boys worked in the garage. Marie, Stacia and I unpacked a couple of boxes thrown our way from the garage.  The Internet guy came - but we can't get the router set up. We made TWO ice cream cakes in prep for Stacia's annual birthday bash!

Marie and I ended the night with yummy White Chocolate Peppermint Teavana tea and a fantastic conversation. It's been fun having her here, and she's been a great help as we attempt to settle in.

Monday - Much More Relaxed than LAST Monday

In my wildest imaginations, I did not think we'd still be unpacking, hanging photos and clearing a garage mid-August.  Funny how we rushed to be here to close the end of June. God has a sense of humor and uncanny timing. I do believe THIS was the best house for us.

In any event, with the school year starting up here TODAY...and us still surrounded by boxes, we'll be getting a late start....BUT I need to find a balance between settling in and carrying on with routines.

WEDNESDAY is Stacia's birthday - the day we count down more eagerly than Christmas. πŸ˜‰ Even with our later than we thought closing date, we'd hoped to have things settled by her birthday. Today, I decided to take the day off and go shop for groceries (we'll have company this week), shop for a birthday, get my lab work done (it was due a week ago but I couldn't get away), visit the post office and we had to visit Fred Meyers for a few items that Walmart didn't have.

While Maria and I did this running, Michael and the boys painted the entry way. I think this ends the painting....all is fresh except a couple of rooms that weren't bad and a couple of closets that ARE BAD but I'll keep the doors closed until next spring. πŸ˜†
Nolan - it's quite high 


It was good for me to leave as the ladder came out. I.don' πŸ™ˆ

First cup of fresh mint tea from my plants. Cobie introduced me to this delicacy last month. 

I miss some things about living in the RV - but I LOVE a bigger oven. 

Yes, the dinner bell still works. 

The kids played the Hobbit Adventure Board game. Stacia called it promptly at 9 p.m. They are trying to be quiet as CoRielle's room is below our table. 

What a perfect little visitor to end the day....he's nearly 3 months old now. 
Gideon Michael 
Today's photo of the mountain....