Saturday, July 17, 2010

Towada Hanabi

The kids and I went on another ITT trip today. We left base at 3:30 and arrived in Towada by 5:45.  We enjoyed festival food, walked around the "cute town" as my kids deemed it....and settled down for the show. This fireworks show lasted over an hour. It was wonderful. The kids especially liked the surprise fireworks left by a stealth speed boat....exploded out of the water. ::snort::

Lake Towada and the Oirase Gorge is one Japan's National Treasures. The kids suggested we invite some folks to go back up with us and play, picnic, paddle etc.....just what I thought in May at the retreat.


The story is that the sculptor's wife died in middle age. He loved her so much he sculpted this of her. Two - reflections....people come from all over to pose with you can see below.

Some go out on the boats to watch...The lake was gorgeous at night with all the boats lit up....

Saw several yukatas

Amazing how quickly this lush land claims old buildings.

Little red roofs are shrines

The Point and Click (Cannon Power shot) is simply  not up to some situations. I decided I'd rather watch the show, than take poor photos. We'll go back some other time and get photos.

I hadn't realized we could bring STUFF with us on the time a gazebo (which means I'd need to order one ::snort::), a cooler, some chairs....this time a very nice gentleman offered us one of his carpets. I didn't realize he was a chain smoker when we accepted. ::snort:: He was surprised when we returned it, said our proper salutations, and gave him a little thing of Apple/Vinegar candy chews.

We arrived back at the base at 11:00 p.m. It's 11:57 pm now. A great day.

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