Friday, January 13, 2012

Celebrating in Yokota!

We had the joy of driving to Tokyo so that my husband could preside at the retirement ceremony of Chaplain Dan Morey yesterday. Tracy has served on  both Asia Region's and Yokota's  PWOC boards.  Ch. Morey has been a PWOC Chaplain here in Yokota. I was struck (as were several others who commented) at the fun and excitement displayed during this retirement ceremony.  Of course, it was a blast to reconnect with some of our Yokota PWOC members....but it was more. This was a true celebration of a family walking out a season of ministry faithfully! Twist and turns...but still walking faithfully....that example ministered to those of us who were privileged to hear the story.
Ch. Goecker, Tracy Morey, Ch. Morey
I woke up this morning wondering what it will be like to wake up retired...knowing that a season of service is over....Whatever God puts in my path to do, I want to execute faithfully and well for His glory. May we all wake at the end of our "season of service" - be that in the home, at PWOC, on a spouses group, at the end of a military career - and rest in the fact that we've been "good and faithful servants".  We may not accomplish all we "could," but we can certainly do well and faithfully all HE gives us to do, which in the end is all we "should" do.

Well-lived Chaplain Dan, Tracy and Melody...our hats are off to you!

PSssstt.....Ch. G did an awesome job at conducting his first retirement ceremony. Well-done!

Choosing Joy!
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