Thursday, September 10, 2020

Garden Harvest

 2020 was a good year for our garden! Everyone got involved to help harvest the potatoes. This year we planted red and Yukon gold. 

Stacia and Krista 

Millie actually has a good nose for locating potatoes. LOL 

Benny dropped by to help! 

This year's harvest. Rather than hills, we made rows and planted in the top of the rows. We had a good number of potatoes. I should have put more straw or dirt around them as they grew...quite a few were green. 

This year we knew to leave the dirt on them and to lay them out to dry before we store them for the winter. 

We're still harvesting zucchini! We took a wheelbarrow full of squash to the church. What our church didn't use the Russian church which meets after us did. All was used. 

We're still getting plenty of greens! 

Odd looking carrots

Evidence of a moose visiting. 

Time to relax after a long day of work in the garden.