Thursday, March 27, 2008


Jared passed his PT test for Staff Sgt 2 weeks ago. Tonight they had him take a marching test and leadership test. He passed them both. He has to take a moral leadership class and he'll be done with the requirements to promote to Staff. His personal goal was to make Staff by his one year anniversary of membership.
Way to go Jared. Now go to bed, tomorrow you move furniture and rip up carpet! After produce co-op. LOL


First, thanks to all who took the time to call or email to see how I was. I didn't realize that I was having as rough a week as I have been having. LOL I've been sort of in a fever daze for a couple days of didn't phase me, but the gracious kindness of friends far and near did phase me - in a very good way. Thanks.
Today, I think that Mom is right. I think I'm allergic to the mold. It REALLY stinks! REALLY. Mike promises he will take his day off tomorrow, instead of going in to catch up on work.  He's going to fix the plumbing, and we are going to lug the carpet and furniture out of there.
We've been debating what to do with the floor underneath. We thought of painting a giant TWISTER on the ground. Jared suggested CHECKERS. I suggested a blackboard look with white random paintings, hopscotch etc. Mike suggested what I think will be the winning idea.
A RACETRACK! Their room is in a race track theme. The border is race cars, the curtains are black checked. The comforters are NASCAR. It will FIT, and they will enjoy it. We'll paint it some sort of solid color and then paint roads et al throughout the room. I think. Stay tuned.
I'm not an artist - but Mike seems to think I can do this....and we'll cover it with carpet in a year anyway. I love doing out-of-the-box things and Mike is a "white wall and beige carpet" type of guy - so this moldy carpet IS a chance to CREATE. LOL Of course, maybe we'll just paint the concrete a solid color and buy a carpet like this????



I knew that I would not have time for a trip to the gym today. I had a PAC meeting. I had the House of Faith run, I had to get Jamin to work and Jared to CAP 30 min early, but I wanted to do something.
I opened the Stability Ball that Mike gave me for Christmas. Pumping this thing up was sure to be the hardest part of the work out! I popped in You Can do Abs (and upper body) and prepared to learn how to use the ball for a workout.
I was pretty sure that the ball was too small when Leslie said, "Your legs should be at a 90 degree angle as you sit on the ball". Huh? Mine were certainly NOT. I persevered. 35 minutes. That was good. Heather had asked me earlier in the week what I was doing for strength training. I hadn't been doing anything - I had been focusing on getting the aerobics into the routine FIRST, BUT today was the perfect day to work in some strength training.
I liked that this dvd explained exactly what to do. I liked that she gave variations to use. I liked that she used weights for a good upper body workout.
I did not like feeling like I was going to PUKE for all the "on your stomach on the ball" exercises. Will this get better?
Heather dropped by while the children were enjoying my ball. She says I need a bigger one. This will be good because it will give THEM something to workout on and ME something to workout on. ::snort:: Today Stacia kept rolling the ball while I was trying to do various contortions....and I FELL OFF THE BALL when I "rolled up" right over the top. I also smashed my face with the pump trying to pull it out and "slip in the valve".
I'm willing to try it again. I could TELL that it did intensify the workout. It did hurt my neck though.....and the puking thing was bad.... (but that could still be the cold or the mold).

You've Destroyed My Rep-u-tation!

Oy vey. In an attempt to save the wet carpet, Jared and I lifted the carpet up so that we could dry it out and the pad beneath. Zander came unglued. Tears. Wailing. "You've destroyed my reputation!" Evidently, it's a terrible thing for a young boy to have "ripped up carpet". ::snort::
Jared taped off part of the room to keep them from walking on it. Zander was determined to get through the barrier. There are no toys over there. There are no clothes over there. WHY does he so desperately need past the taped off area?????? He woke up this a.m. still determined to get past it. It's a boundary.
I asked him, "Zander, WHY do you need over there?"
His answer? "When I come up to a barrier I must bash through it."
It looks like we are going to have to remove the carpet in the room. We are NOT putting new carpet down in the young boys room a year before we sell the house. I'm not sure what I will do - but it will be creative. ::snort:: The smell of mold is wafting through the house.