Monday, October 27, 2014


Not one photo taken - but a very productive day.

Monday's are always very busy school days. Stacia finished an Explode the Code book, Alex began a new Wordly Wise book, we all read and read about Simon Bolivar and comrades.

Arielle and Nolan had Japanese lessons. I love to listen to the Japanese flying back and forth. The other day Arielle had a conversation with Nikki in Japanese....not just the "Good morning. How are you? I'm fine," conversation *I* have with her each week. LOL 

I spent much time in the afternoon on the computer....working on Philippians homework, announcement slide show, answering emails, touching base with volunteers and lining up activities for December and January.

Arielle completed her driving instruction - six hours behind the wheel with a certified instructor.  She would have made 82 on the driving test and would have passed. We aren't sure 82 is a score we're comfortable with - but I can't wait for her to have her license. Much of the problem came from driving the school's small car vs a 15 pass van. We're trying to figure out what to do about that. Test in the school's car, test in the van - Arielle suggests we buy a new little, sporty automatic car. ::snort::

Michael spent more time with his favorite doctor. Nothing new or exciting to share. LOL

All in all - it was a full day.

Choosing Joy!
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