Monday, March 05, 2007

Another week

Chaotic? No, that's not quite it. Hectic? Again, not quite right. "Flexible Structure" - that's what the day was like.

Today is my "Step into Fitness" Step video. It was 11:00 by the time I was done. Several phone calls, young children, older children....lots of flexing needed. ::snort::

Arielle, Stacia and I went shopping. I wanted to find a new bedspread. I thought about a Duvet cover but got hopelessly confused. I'd tried all the department stores and didn't find what I wanted. I finally gave up and went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found what I wanted. It was more than I expected to pay. Two or three times more than the "look alike" ones I usually buy at Walmart...but then they keep tearing and maybe this will last longer than say 9 months????? It had better. I simply couldn't fork over $50 PER PILLOW sham so I didn't buy the matching shams. I'll have to figure out what to do about that.... I'm thinking some sort of coordinating color (navy blue or ivory) from Target or ::gasp:: elsewhere. Our last stop on the outing was Target. I don't know WHY I always think I'll find everything I need there...I don't....but I like it better than the "other store" that likes to kick me out. ::snort::

I am STILL looking for an oral thermometer. We need this for science....and all I can find is digital. Who would have guessed that THIS would be a hard to find science item?

A neighbor came over to join produce co-op. How WONDERFUL to meet a neighbor.

Josiah had the entire day off. What a great boss. He knows Cy has SAT this Saturday and has given him a very light work week and he is off at 1:00 p.m. on Friday....GREAT! He didn't even ask for Friday night off...just asked for Sat a.m. off. I'm so glad Tim thought of this for Cy.

Cy requested tacos. This SHOULD be an easy meal. I burned the tortilla chips I was making TWICE....I wanted them to go with the hummus. I tried to carry on several phone conversations while cooking. Zander and Josiah had a collision on the trampoline - requiring mothering, ice cream, and ice to recover from.....and Sundrops are still being all it took me TWO HOURS to make dinner. I DID saute red peppers, asparagus, onions, garlic and mushrooms in olive oil, with a splash of lemon and parsley at the end. It was GOOD. Thanks for liking asparagus, Heather. LOL Let's see two new co-op members today. Kim, who belongs to the SAGE co-op as well, is giving me a list of produce and the max SHE would pay for it....this should help me make not only yummy choices but budget conscious choices - at least that's the idea. Frankly, store prices seem great to me after 3 years in Alaska. ::snort:: 25% off is wonderful.....

I'm tracking carbs and protein this week....checking to make sure they are in balance. I eat a LOT now....but mostly's easy to get lots of carbs with fruit (complex but still carbs).... Dietitian and Curves both say 50 - 100 grams of protein. Debbie, says 50 grams is adequate for a female...but that up to 100 would be o.k. Again, I was SURE I got that much a day. ::snort:: Today I was PUSHING protein down my throat at got 54 grams in. This protein thing is a good thing for dieters but has also showed up in several of my thyroid books as necessary to maintain muscle which is so important for metabolism in a hypothyroid I'm hearing the protein thing everywhere.....I'm also trying to up my calorie intake to 1400 this week. It may not work...but we'll see. I think if I focus those calories on lean protein it will be doable to increase 200 more calories. If I didn't try to remember the produce thing it would be easy to reach 1400. LOL A couple Butterfingers, an egg mcmuffin.....french fries..... ::snort::