Monday, March 03, 2008

Photobucket The Grand Surprise

When the older ones were younger (jr high and high school age), they saved up and bought two canoes. They were wonderful for family outings in San Antonio, in ID, in AK, on the Smith River... We had a pop up trailer and could easily cart both all over America - which we did. We have noted that as the older ones quit going on so many of our outings the canoes got heavier. AND.....then....I bought the trailer at Mike's request when he was deployed. There is no way to put two canoes on the top of the trailer......

Mike has been dreaming of a kayak. The obvious advantages are that it is lighter, we can carry it on the top of the Honda, in a storage bin of the trailer, and one person can carry it down to the lake easily. The disadvantage: only one person can ride in it at a time. I've become accustomed to sitting in the canoe while Mike paddles it furiously around the lake, up and down get the idea. I like the canoes, they are very romantic...though currently they lay upside down in our back yard with bird droppings all over them....the kids SAVED for them. It makes me sad to get rid of such a tangible part of their childhood. I suspect we'll sell them shortly. They should get a good price. They are in great shape, and we'll most likely buy kayaks....

to match this one......

Mike used the rest of his birthday money and a bit extra and bought this while it was on sale.

I admit that it is lighter....and it will be fun to get ON the water....but we could get all of our family in those two canoes....sigh....

The kids took turns trying out the grand surprise.

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The Iditarod started today and I found that photo of the last one we attended as a family - 2005. I'm missing the girls, the guys are growing up way to fast, and now we have a kayak. I'm nostalgic. (I'm also wondering what that glow above NOLAN'S head is in these photos). ::snort::

Monday? Again? Didn't We Just DO this?

7:15 a.m. boys to local church. A very wonderful homeschool Mom arranged to take a van load of homeschool youth to a nearby town (90 miles) for a Huckabee Rally. It turned into an "election workshop" - and was lots of fun for all. Jamin and Jared both went. I was to pick them up at the church at 2:30 p.m. - remember that number - it's important.

7:30 a.m - found me at base Lab getting blood drawn. It's been 4 weeks on the cholesterol meds.

8:00 - 12:00 School. The younger 3 and I are trying to keep up our pace of 1.5 weeks/week. We hope to catch up with Jamin and Jared "shortly."

1:00 - Today, I had to take the younger 4 with me to Speech as the older 3 were all out and about.

2:00 - Let's run ERRANDS....

2:20 In line at the bank when I REMEMBER - oh yeah - I need to be at the church to pick up the boys so that Jamin can get to work on time.

2:30 We're sitting at the church waiting for the van.

2:40 SNOW FLAKES - not a lot of snow - but there were FLAKES. Yes - it WAS warm yesterday - and today it is not. ::snort:: Boys arrive and we zip home to pick up Jamin's uniform which I forgot.

2:58 - Jamin runs in the door to work. Oops.

3:00 - 4:00 I am back at the bank to close out a savings account. I run to Sam's and buy um....oh yeah PAPER TOWELS and TOILET PAPER.

4:00 - 5:00 - I cook - chicken, soup, salad, fruit, bread, oven fries

I have no CLUE what I did the rest of the evening but it's 9:00 p.m. so the day is done. I know Mike and Jared ran back to base. Mike had a volleyball game. They also bought "the GRAND surprise".