Friday, September 01, 2017

Jared's Surgery - Friday

#WYFF? Ours were at the Providence Medical Center.  This is 1.5 hours from our home.  Today  is the day for Jared's heart surgery/procedure. We are all excited that he has a 95% chance of being DONE with this....I can't help remembering all the doctors who poo poohed our concerns throughout the years. We're thankful for the medical community in Anchorage. 

Comfy recliners for waiting 

In Jared's words: Operation was a success! I'm really looking forward to all the stuff I will be able to do with a fully healthy heart! So blessed and thankful for all the prayers and support from friends and family and the fantastic medical team at Providence!!
I also apparently had a lot to say under anesthesia lol I woke up singing America the Beautiful and when the nurse started singing with me I told her we should go on tour, she said she would like that to which i informed her I had a wife. Speaking of my loving wife, she was right there when I woke up and was holding my hand but I freaked out and told the nurses a stranger was trying to seduce me...and that Josiah wants the Iron Throne and that the doctors are fake news. And so much more lol but home and resting and no more anesthesia induced political commentary πŸ‘πŸ½
It's Friday night. This means pizza at our house. I'm not sure who ate with us - but I know these kiddos BreZaak and Travis and Cat must have had dinner with us.

Cat discovered Archer LIKES to sit in a laundry basket. It's great!