Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Surgery Tomorrow

Just got a call that Michael's surgical look/see has moved up to tomorrow at 0730. 

Several have asked how I feel.

This is how we feel - pray for answers.  We just hope at the end of the surgery there is some sort of answer as to why Michael is in pain.

The surgeon will remove his appendix (as he still has it and that's always a fun thing to do), look around with a camera and if that doesn't help, he's said they'll do a bigger incision and start...well...removing things, getting hands on them and putting them back.  We've been told this could be same day; we've been told it could be overnight. We've been told it could be a one week healing time or up to six weeks. When you go in for exploratory surgery you sign your life away - really anything or nothing at all could be done tomorrow. ::snort::

I'm afraid to hope they figure it out, but I really can't see what our next options are if they don't figure it out. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile, I'm going to spend an hour or so wrestling with the Kids Flight volunteer schedule for our winter session.

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