Saturday, May 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Events

FRIDAY - It was SOOOO nice not to have such a hectic Friday a.m. I could get used to this. . . but I'm trying not to. Mike actually had the day off too. I went and got my hair done, while he took the younger out shopping for Mother's Day. We enjoyed movies in the evening. Mike bought a new phone package for us....I mean a set of phones. Whew - it will be NICE not to be tied to the one phone in chaos central (kitchen). I stopped by the Scrapbook store and bought some adhesive remover to help with my magnetic photos. Sherri - if you're reading I need to buy one of those CM tools to remove photos and little wipey cloth to take smudges off photos. I was very pleased with myself for going into the store and NOT buying a single paper, die cut or sticker....I'm going to stick to this simplify mantra. I am. ::snort::

SATURDAY - it appears this has been another project day. I'm trying to collect photos from ALL over for Josiah's graduation display board. It really is much easier to have digital photos than photos in scrapbooks. UGH. I didn't know those little tape runner squares would tear when you took them out of the albums...I think removing photos from magnetic albums may be easier. ::snort::

I finished my meds yesterday. I KNEW they wouldn't work because I'm familiar with UTI's - having had recurring ones for years and years. I called the doc today and said, "Yep - 16 hours after finishing meds and symptoms are raging again." The on call doc wanted me to come in for a culture. I suggested I take the microbid I HAVE in my closet. He agreed. I'm feeling better. He told me in the future that if amoxycillan is going to work it will work in 2 days....OK now...well *I* knew it wouldn't work before day 0. ::snort:: I guess they don't like you to take macrobid when you are pregnant here.....but I've taken a pill a day for years through two pregnancies. Ah well - I tried to be a good patient. LOL

Mike has been zinging around here like a maniac. I don't think he sat down more than 20 minutes today. He took out the fridge and cleaned behind it, vacuumed the coils etc. He seemed surprised the INSIDE was clean.....a hem....I could be offended but chose not to be. ::snort:: He pulled out the dishwasher and poured bleach everywhere. Really we have a TERRIBLE smell in the kitchen and we can't figure it out. We've pulled all appliances out now. We've BLEACHED under them. We've power washed the garbage can....the smell is still THERE!!!! ARGH. Let's see...he also cut branches from a tree in the back that was overhanging the neighbors and rubbing on our roof. He went shopping for tomorrow's lunch. He made one of his famous ice cream cakes for tomorrow. He fixed the trac lighting over the computers. He's now been on a 45 minute run....

I woke earlier. I journaled and read the word. I've been reading a lot. I've been scrolling through years of photos. I took photos of the projects. I think I've discovered something.....::snort:: when I feel a bit stressed I veg out. When he feels a bit stressed he really moves. His stress is much more productive than mine! ::snort::
Our last pet fish died...and the little ones buried him. I'm not sure where we'll buy more fish as this was THE pet store in town and they sold us pets with WORMS that eventually killed all the fish in our tank. We went back when the first one had died and they had a sign saying they couldn't sell fish until they got a new shipment because of worms. ARGH.

Jared made his first mowing money of the summer - he does windows too. He's earning $ to attend World View Academy. I love how the children work for their trips.

The younger ones decided to join the frenzy and raked leaves - I was impressed at their initiative.

Cutting branches