Monday, July 31, 2023

July Randomness

 Noah is full of personality! Just look at that sweet expression!

Noah at 5 1/2 months 📷by Larissa

Rainy summer day vibe

When I say I make GG breakfast every morning...I make him BREAKFAST! This pretty standard...

Enjoying summer 📷by Larissa

Apples - maybe? 

Stacia spent many evenings in July driving around the neighborhood in the Vibe. She taught herself to drive a standard auto AND she is teaching Millie to ride nicely in the car. 

We do have blog readers on the other side of the screen.  Jessica sent this with the message that catching up on Courageous Joy makes for a nice Sunday afternoon read. LOL 
📷 by Jessica or Krista

Papa shows Gideon how to tie a "real tie." 

Noah is CLOSE to crawling! 

Noah was the first volunteer we pulled in to help with coffee on Sunday
Red Door Coffee #MAGlove

Bre and the kids do Shark Week well. 
📷 by BreAnne

Bella jumped off the diving board into the deep end. Gideon did soon after but I don't have a photo. 
📷 by BreAnne

Shark Week fun with Joelle and kids 📷by BreAnne

Ice Cream with JaRissa and Bre and kids  (Photo from Riss?)

Cutest Cowboy in the States
Photo by Rissa