Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enderts Beach - Crescent City 2014

A new friend here at Beale, April, encouraged us to check out Enderts Beach while we were in Crescent City. We did this time and plan to come back when we have more time to explore. There's a primitive "campground," six mile coastal trail to hike and just FUN.

This is probably the last time I mention cameras - I think these show off both cameras well. I suspect the D3200 photos will get better as I learn more about ISO's and features and read the manual.

Michael's Photos

I did get to take a couple of photos with his fancy camera - terror to see it in my hands! 

In the Hobbit Shire

And...why the expression Ms. Stacia

Arielle is not mad. She was looking into the ocean on our walk back UP the trail. As Stacia said, "Arielle has Misawa in her eyes."  It's o.k. we are content in CA. Our hearts long to be back in Japan. We pray for revival in Japan and the opportunity to introduce dear Japanese friends to Jesus.

My Photos (De'Etta)

Perplexing....I could swear Yuuki was behind me on a leash...but here she is running free...wait...this Yuuki is much more aggressive....and is a he...this is Jake.

The sun was setting as we left Enderts Beach  and Michael snapped some shots. 

 We received a text from Mom G. She'd lost a shoe in the parking lot of Chart Room. We stopped by to grab it. Michael grabbed a couple last shots. 

We finished the night sharing stories of Dad G while we looked through an album Mom G is making of his life. A very full and meaningful day.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Sea Lions - Crescent City 2014

There have been various seafood restaurants which have been Gherkin favorites through the years.  Dad and Mom G used to always take us to Chart Room. They moved on to The Grotto and The Beachcomber....

Stacia mentioned sometime in the past weeks she had never seen a sea lion for "real." What she meant is that they'd always been in aquariums. We're Oregonians. I grew up seeing seals and sea lions in the "wild." We've taken kids to the coast numerous times and to Crescent City and always seen them. BUT we've been in Japan for over 1/2 of Stacia's life. She was right.  

We asked Mom G if the seals and sea lions still played by the Chart Room. She brightened up and said there are so many that they've closed part of the parking lot now. We all went for lunch. 

We found sea lions
Nikon D3200

We had a bit of a wait as we wanted to wait for a window seat. Well.....I probably would have caved and gone for a seat in the middle of the room but Mom G suggested we wait...and she was RIGHT. It was worth the wait.  There was so much to watch as we ate.....

And we noticed....someone shooting off a net gun....people with signs approaching...we wondered if it were PETA but no, it was North Coast Marine Mammal center on a rescue.  We stayed and watched for a long time. They never succeeded...but the kids got their fill of sea lions. 

Ah - this is the life....
Nikon D610

This black one has a net or fishing line around his neck. As he grows it cuts into his skin and restricts his breathing as well as ability to eat.
Nikon D 610

This team patiently crept up the jetty over and over...we left before they were able to catch him. The other sea lions seemed to KNOW what they were up to and kept getting between him and the people....
Between the two of us we took over 100 photos.....we were asked to send photos to the center...I need to do that.....when I get "caught up." 

Totally satisfied with the sea lion outing....

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Tree Pies - Stout Grove 2014

This day was so full I've decided the best way to handle it is three posts. I also will mention cameras for a few more posts as I know some are following that. ::snort:: The first shots are from the Nikon D 610 - Michael's. 



Love the bark patterns

Picture of contentment

These things are BIG. We used Nolan, the human yard stick, to guesstimate this one is nearly 60 ft around. 

My photos (Nikon D3200) follow - I skipped the tree ones as Michael's are beautiful. 

We enjoyed looking into the middle of this tree - brings back memories of reading My Side of the Mountain

Hollow inside

Trees have been left where various storms have thrown to hear where the trail used to go

We had fun finding faces in the burls

Such majestic trees - I simply couldn't resist

When I saw this....

Me - "Kids do you know what causes these piles of mud?"

Stacia -  "No."

Me - "These are tree pies."

Stacia interrupts - "Tree poop?"

Others start to laugh....I continue - "Yes, tree poop. You see the tree eats....."

I caught Michael's face but couldn't stop.....

"birds...and when it eats a big crow...."

Zander - "Out pops Tree Poop!"  ::gasp::

We all had a great belly laugh. Michael took the opportunity to show Stacia mole holes and talk about them a bit...but she seemed captivated with Tree Pies.

It made thing of all the fun times we had camping with the Bower Family....I did my best, Beth!

Tree Limbo

Family Pic

Ah - I snapped the photo - then wondered why she looked melancholy....She was thinking of Jared.

Over the meadow and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go....

Me and My Ford
Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...