Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Millie's Uniquely Quirky Look

 Millie. Millie is a labradoodles. She has hair not fur. She gets cold in the winter. We let it grow. We TRIED to stay on top of the grooming but we have accepted the fact she will be shaved to the skin when she sees the groomer.  We don't regret not having her cut short in the winter - but we WILL stay more on top of it from here on out.....

The thing is the groomer can't get her in until June 1st...and she is going to be a mess climbing in the woods with this hair....

She has begun chewing on her feet, her fur...a bit of exploring, the snipping of one section of matted hair or "matts" as Stacia calls it...and we discovered the inside of the matts are full of dirt. We decided since the groomer said she'd probably need to shave her to the skin....we would begin cutting the matts out.....make her a bit more comfortable.  It should also make shaving her in June much easier. 

We started with her front legs. 

We are amazed at how fast her hair grows. Even where we cut it to the skin to get out a matt, she's already got fuzz coming back. 

With both legs done we moved on to her hind legs, back and face. She doesn't like us to do her chest, but we're getting there.  She may look uniquely quirky, but her attitude is still all Millie. 

We just wanted you to know when you see Millie - she doesn't have an odd ailment, we're just learning how to give a labradoodle a hair cut. LOL 

We used to groom our cocker spaniel...I bet we could learn to do Millie...but she doesn't sit will be much easier to take her to the groomer.