Saturday, April 04, 2015

Adventures with John and Nadine

Each Chaplain is endorsed by a denomination to represent that denomination in the chaplaincy.  And each denomination has a person who oversees this process called an endorser. For most of Michael's career John has been his endorser.  He and his wife, Nadine, are just starting a four month trip to visit all the chaplains....and we get them this weekend.  We visited last night.

Today, we took them sightseeing - though it seems there is a lot of eating involved in sightseeing.  We stopped by the German POW cell block on base.

We went to the little town of Grass Valley and walked the streets. True to the norm the only store we entered was a candy store.

After a couple of false starts we found our way to Big A's - yummy freshly made root beer and giant burgers - even the veggie ones.
Our next stop was the Empire State Mine - where Stacia was happy to be our guide. She loves maps.

Wisteria tangled in Ponderosa Pine - very pretty

Arielle had just said she was waiting for Mr. Darcy
The reflecting pool

Bourne Family Cottage

Our final stop was the SR 71
Somewhere along the way we all decided it would be much more relaxing to eat here at our house tomorrow than to fight the crowds at a restaurant. This necessitated a trip to Walmart. We decided we needed a bit of an Easter Egg Hunt.

Fantastic Family Memory

Yes, Michael did get us all up at 4:20 a.m. to watch the lunar eclipse.  All but Arielle - she woke up at 3 a.m. and we found her waiting on the patio.  I tried to take photos and my camera wouldn't do a I settled for some night portrait shots of the crowd.  Doesn't it look like we are making fantastic family memories?
It would seem all are not appreciative of the bright flash for nigh portrait whilst they try to focus their fancy schmancy cameras. ::snort::

He did get some good photos. We all enjoyed looking through the telescope. AND we ended the night sitting in the hot tub and watching the moon when someone suggested it would be more comfortable.

When the moon was done showing off, we slept a bit and then headed for fam camp to begin the next adventure in the day.

Encouraging Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a foreign concept to Yuuki.....but we try....
"I don't think so"

We finally put her green treat in the bristles. . .
At least she's learning to be comfortable with the brush but we're not getting far on actually brushing her teeth! Do you brush your dog's teeth?

Revenge of the Sink

Doesn't it always happen? If there is going to be an appliance or automotive breakdown it will happen when it's least convenient....or when your husband deploys and then it comes in threes. 

We invited a family over last Friday night and sure enough - just as I was preparing salad and such.....I noted a pool of water in front of the sink.

A few days earlier I'd seen a small puddle and Stacia said she'd splashed water whilst doing dishes.

Earlier in the day Arielle noticed a small puddle and thought  the same.

By the time I checked......inches of water under the sink. The veneer blistered. Metal things stored under the sink - rusted. This had been a problem for a bit of time.  Our company arrived to this scene....though they are more family than company by this time and took it in stride.

In a truly amazing show of speedy service, a representative of our landlord (one with a spectacular tattoo of a samurai which can dance) showed up during dinner to take a look. They wanted to shut off the water - but I balked. I promised to be careful and dry whatever escaped my pan ASAP but I needed water for dinner....they showed up bright and early on Saturday to fix it - while Stacia and I were still out to breakfast.

Morals of the story:
  • Small puddles bear investigating early
  • Assumptions without investigation can be costly
  • Semper Gumby - Flex, hold your plans lightly and enjoy the new plan
  • People are more important than details
That'll preach.