Sunday, February 05, 2023

White Sandy Beaches to White Snowy Mountains

Michael and I transported between white sands and white snow...78 degrees to 6 degrees. 

Bellows Beach 

It snowed while we were gone....

A Moosey Welcoming Committee

It's a very Alaskan thing to plan for a winter getaway to somewhere with sun! and warmth. We participated in this practice for the first time this year. We flew home today from a glorious week in Hawaii. I will spend time in the upcoming week blogging our Hawaiin adventures. 

One thing fellow Alaskans had not warned us about, is the disorientation and SHOCK when one comes back to Alaska from Hawaii, Arizona, or Florida mid-winter.  We found ourselves asking, "Now, WHY did we all migrate to Alaska? What IS it we love about Alaska?"

Josiah was at home watching GG when we arrived. He had shoveled the driveway!  He's done the mid-winter thing every year. Sensing our disorientation, he suggested we take a nap (that red-eye flight is a killer). I had been up for 29 hours at this point and Michael was closing in on 24 hours. 

After our nap we ran out for some dinner supplies and to deliver gifts to BreZaak and CoRielle. The bracing WIND and blowing snow in town made me turn to Michael and ask what we were both thinking, "What do we love about Alaska? Can you remember?"

He promptly replied, "Summer!" ::snort:: 

As we visited with Bre and kids and CoRielle and kids it came back to me....we love Alaska because of all these faces in one place. 

I asked Arielle, "Do you ever wonder why we didn't all migrate to Hawaii instead of Alaska?" ::snort:: 

In all seriousness there were pieces of our family we needed to meet in Alaska, like that little cutie in the middle. And we DO love Alaska. God placed exactly where he wanted us - regardless of the long winters.  We are here because God, and Alaska, called us here. End of story. 

We have decided to save up for an annual getaway. Afterall, "When in Rome, do as the Romans." 

I managed to get our food co-op order submitted while enjoying my first cup of tea in over a week.!

Dad decided to go to bed immediately after dinner. The girls, Michael and I watched episode 7 of Season 3 of The Chosen.  The girls went to bed. It's good to be home. 

BTW if I did it right with the scheduled post over the past week you never guessed we were out of town. Did we manage it? Security and all that....