Saturday, April 07, 2018


Do you catch what is going on? Check out the pick axe.....yep...

They are breaking up ice and directing water run off....

I'd rather play in the's a video clip. 

Spring Saturday

Michael and Nolan headed to Josiah and Jamin's apartment after men's ministry. They all drove on to Anchorage and met Jared at the Sportsman Show in the Sullivan Arena.  I worked on a video and a couple of blog posts. 

Stacia made big cookies for April's Birthday Celebration tomorrow night.

The guys brought some fruit home for men's group - already cut. I started the dehydrator. 

 Would you believe Josiah sent me this photo via text message? 
I think my heart actually sank - and then I laughed out loud.  They decided when the time comes, and it's years away, he wants THIS model of wheelchair. It comes loaded with a rifle...and the treads will make it much easier for him to get back to Red Shirt and to  enjoy hiking and hunting again. It's been hard not to be physically up to much hiking this year.   I'm pretty sure the VA will  never pay for something like this, but it's fun to see things like this ARE available. A chair like this would open up all sorts of possibilities. Alright - since I've had comments about our sense of humor...when you are dealing with Parkinsons, you can criticize the way we are dealing with it. Fair enough? 

Stacia and I mixed up more potting soil, transplanted sprouts and planted more seeds.  We are thinking the temps may rise enough in the near future to be able to make some plastic frames to go over raised beds. Michael is pretty hopeful. I'm a bit doubtful as there's still snow covering my garden plot. 🐽😁😡
Eggplant on the left and all sorts of greens in the box on the right 

We filled toilet paper rolls with dirt, planted peppers in them, placed them in a plastic apple container from Costco,  and covered it all with plastic wrap for the greenhouse effect. 

We filled two more storage containers with cabbage and carrots. We can't all eat at the table any longer. Another planter or two and none of us will be eating at the table. I'm thinking of solutions. 

A box of onions and carrots

Transplanted a bunch of tomato plants - not sure how I'll grow them here. 

A few more tomatoes on the windowsill. There are now two sprouts in the pot of mint. I want it for tea! ::snort:: I've not even planted the kitchen herb garden yet....

There is a low section in our side yard that is slushy, we even have grass in some spots. This is the strawberry bed up front. I was hoping and praying the leaves were enough to protect them....and look....we have green strawberry plants poking through the leaves. It's still cold enough I think I should just leave them covered....though I really know nothing about it all. LOL