Monday, January 27, 2014

Chapel Staff Fellowship

It's often hard for those who serve to find time to connect in the midst of the busy schedule. Last night it was our joy to host the chapel staff in our home. It was a great time to begin new friendships and cement old ones.

Our "people er"anxiously counted down to arrival

The kids were most excited for this simple dessert (make cookies, smash ice cream in the middle, roll in mini chips,sprinkles or nuts - use your favorite recipes for cookies and ice cream. In the future I will make vegan cookies and cashew banana ice cream for the whole family. )

Huge help.....

We didn't get photos of everyone - but here are some glimpses of the night. 
Val & Scotty

Ch. B

In addition to a good time to simply fellowship - this was our welcome for Brenner and Stephanie. They've joined our chapel staff in the past week. Their very first chaplain assignment.
Brenner & Stephanie

Cynthia, Joretta and Barb

Regan & Stacia




Stephanie, Elise, Cole and Clara (or it could be Clara, Cole and Elise)
Arielle was babysitting for a small group last night. Yay for Arielle - sad for us.  I was thrilled to find out Val is thinking of starting an Azure co-op - I looked into it in October and the drop I called wasn't accepting new members. I didn't want to start one.

Choosing Joy!
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