Friday, July 08, 2022

Kent and Maria Arrive

 Look who is here! Maria was a dear friend from our last assignment.  We called her a bonus daughter. At that time, she was active duty and part of the chapel. She went to visit Arielle at college and met Krista. After a bit of time, she ended up in VA where she and Krista were roommates for a few years. She is currently on staff at Liberty and enrolled in one of their doctorate programs. This is her 3rd visit to Alaska. She brought Kent this time.  We picked them up at the airport on the 8th - just as the big rain of 2022 began. 

WE knew Kent had a ring in his possession and was looking for the perfect time to surprise Maria. We set about visiting some of our favorite spots - both to show them off to visitors and to provide a place for Kent to present the ring. Maria kept guessing something was up - and so we waited. LOL This is the subtext of the upcoming posts.  When Allie got off work, when we gathered as a family, "Has he given it to her yet?" ::grin:: 

Saturday, we went to the Garden Faire, met up with Krista and ate at Reuben Haus. 

Sunday, we went to church and then on a quick "hike" at Crevasse Moraine. The mosquitos were TERRIBLE. Stacia's back is covered with them - but they don't show well in this photo. 

It was on this walk that Allie, Stacia and I all saw a black bear. Kent never fully believed us...but we saw scat and a bit up the road...the stump had a snout and beady eyes, and his head turned.  That put a bit of pep in our steps.

To be continued....