Sunday, November 12, 2023

Sermons, Skiing and Shopping

We went two different directions today. Stacia headed to MAG to help Jenni and Kaleah with Children's church and then to lead the practice for the children's Christmas play.  I hear it went well. Bre and kids were also at MAG.

After the practice, Jenni and Stacia went to Government Peak Trail to get in some cross-country skiing.

Stacia is excited to report she did not fall at all! Not even once! 

Meanwhile, the rest of us headed up the Glenn to Eagle River where we attended church with Carrie at ACF. Church was good; spending the afternoon together was excellent. At one point, Carrie and I left and did a bit of shopping, while Allie and Livie baked cookies and played games. 

Jamin called a new snow removal man who lives right around the corner from us. It turns out he has plowed this driveway for previous owners. He came over while we were in Eagle River and moved the wall of snow left by the fancy company...pushed it down the hill just where we wanted it to be. He also plowed the whole width of our driveway! We really like this man! 

Jamin left shortly after we returned from Walmart. Michael and I were able to have a nice talk with Carrie while Liv showed Allie her massive collection of squishmallows. 

It was a good Sunday. 

Grace Notes:

1. I have been invited to attend Josi's birth with Carrie. She'll do the work, I'll do the cheering. 

2. A sermon on prayer and mental health that knocked it out of the park. 

3. Time spent with family and extended family (Carrie's family LOL).