Saturday, August 09, 2014

Savoring the Girls

We continue to savor having the girls home. 

People have asked how the girls are feeling. Neither has thrown up since arriving home. Both have had up tummy upset/pain and gastro issues after each meal.  Not sure if it will just take a few days for their systems to adjust or if we'll be visiting the clinic.

What to do on a hot day? Either find a way to get on water or find a way to go inside. We chose bowling at the base.  I was surprised  it is $3 a game - that really isn't much cheaper than off base.  We're used to $1 or $1.50 games on base. LOL

During their second game I headed for the commissary. I've not been shopping in two weeks. We're deliberately trying to eat down our freezer and pantry stock as we have a cow coming our way in a couple of weeks.  The girls, being vegetarian and vegan, really missed produce on their adventure.

I'm often asked what my kids eat if we don't do the prepared a look. The gal who works in the produce department loves us. Today we had a produce cart and an "other" cart.

I'm trying my hand at flavored water. I'm not sure I like the sprig of mint with the strawberry - but I do like healthy flavors. The middle one is our homemade lemonade.
We had a good dinner of salads, corn on the cob, steak (for the guys), potatoes, melon.....and then we watched Despicable me.....I also began prepping for the potluck fare we need to take tomorrow. 

Choosing Joy!
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