Friday, July 10, 2020


Friday morning began with Small Group Coaching on Zoom.... Tamara, is a gal I first became aware of on WW connect. She hosts monthly challenges and when I joined in October I saw her hashtag everywhere. When I began to realize I would need to take control of my wellness journey as the ww offerings locally weren't going to work well for me, I was sad at the thought of not being able to follow Tamara on WW Connect...then someone told me she had an Instagram account. It took me FOREVER to find her (she was going by a different name then) but I was happy to find her...and then she began posting her Trail Talks on YouTube . Honestly, her talks, challenges and encouragement was the one thing I felt I would miss from the rest is pretty much history if you're a blog reader. I won't go there again. I WILL say  I felt a small group would be beneficial to my journey, and save my friends and family from having to process the journey with me. I was thrilled when Tamara began offering small group and personal wellness coaching. I meet with a small group over zoom once a week...and the meetings are incredibly helpful to me as I work towards a good relationship with food.  I have been trying to make Monday night at 4:30 p.m., but that has been difficult with our crazy household. This week the Friday a.m. group moved to 9:30 a.m.  EST - which puts it at 5:30 a.m. Alaska time.  This is  much easier for me than the previous 3:30 a.m. I plan to settle into the Friday a.m. slot...which will work well with our schedule.

Right as we finished up with small group I remembered....THIS....

I got Michael up so we could watch Krista's graduation from the USAF Basic Chaplain's Course. Many of you know she has missed her last week of classes as she developed a cough. She was sent to sick call and they did a CV-19 test.  She  was then confined to quarters until the results come back. It is highly doubtful she will fly home on Saturday. BUT this also means she's done her last week of classes via Facebook Live, took her final in her room, and today, graduated from her room/quarters.

Krista won the Commandant's Award. The essay she wrote comparing civilian and military chaplaincy was read during graduation.   Here she graduation.

I'll edit these photos when Krista is home to help me remember who is who.....

After our zoom meetings and graduations....Stacia and I hit the pavement....the wet pavement. Millie doesn't do selfies very well. LOL

She loves the walks...though she does need some training breaks at times to get her attention back on Stacia and what Stacia wants her to do. She wants to please. Unless she is focused on biting, but puppy biting won't last forever. Right? 

We tired her out. This appears to be one of Millie's favorite resting spots....under my chair (mom's old recliner) in my nook.  Look how big she is getting. 

I went out for an after dinner walk and LOOK who greeted me the street over...

I turned around and walked the other way....when I got home CoRielle were at our house. I played with Benny - and the dogs - while they watched a "Bad Guy movie"....some Avenger one I think. Ultran?

Its felt like a full day....a full week...and tomorrow we are OUT OF QUARANTINE.