Tuesday, September 04, 2007

She fell asleep at 11:30 this morning and we couldn't resist a couple of quiet hours for school. I THOUGHT it was early enough that she'd sleep tonight too - and she was SOOOO tired....but she's wired tonight. What to do?
Terrific Tuesday

We got a lot done. We are exhausted (all except Stacia that is). Michael worked.... Josiah worked. I worked out - but I seem to be allergic to Michael, I gain 10 lbs every time he returns home from a deployment.

Jamin and I created a lesson planner that will work for him. Jared fine tuned the lesson planner he created last week. He's down to 10 credits but I think we need to eliminate a few more things. It's TOUGH because for instance he has 3 writing credits - but that's his passion! It's also the place we could cut as he already had 7 English credits at the end of his Sophomore year. LOL

The younger ones and I continued to read our Egyptian books. We talked about finally making a salt map - it has to happen ONE of these years......

We got a lot of packages today. Email was down so I couldn't email anyone to let them know...maybe tomorrow. Two more came after this....
The Turbo Three and I sneaked out after lunch to buy school supplies while Stacia napped.

Tonight was our first Bible Study of the season. We'll be studying friendship for the next 6 weeks. I think it's safe to say that "ready or not" the race is back on. ::snort::

Maybe tomorrow?
Marvelous Monday

I KNOW it's Tuesday - but there you have it. LOL

Debbie and the boys came over to celebrate Labor Day with us yesterday. A hem - I came up with yet another creative, easy, hospitality idea. I made a salad. Debbie and I ran to the deli and picked up chicken, salads, rolls, french bread, and desserts. ::snort::
If that weren't bad enough I roped her into helping me make two slides to be used on base and in our contemporary service advertising women's ministry (PWOC). I also had her help me find the "official" word on "See Ya at the Flagpole".
The older boys played games.....Scottie and Cy were the last ones standing....
Jared and Mikey played Mill Bournes with the younger three - so nice of them to do that.
Later, Mike kept the Turbo Three occupied while the boys played Monopoly...

And I trimmed Stacia's bangs, while Debbie captured it on film. The only thing missing was STEVE - but he's close in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers.
Reading and Freezer Challenges

I'm a bit behind schedule but promise to draw winners for the gift certificates for both the reading and freezer challenges by this weekend.

The entries for the Reading challenge are closed.

If you've participated in the Freezer challenge and not left a comment; click here and let me know you participated. If you still want to participate - that's fine with me.

Winners will be randomly drawn by the first volunteer that walks by when I have a spare moment.