Monday, March 10, 2008

Cookies or Cake?

I suggested the kids make cake mix cookies while I wrestled with spread sheets for our United co-op. These were Bre's favorite to make with them. I had purchased some cake mixes when our local health food store went out of business JUST to make these cookies.
We got out the ingredients. I left these two to supervise.
Somehow I confused them. I gave them a recipe for cookies, but they don't remember cooking with cake mixes and so they made a cake. ::snort::
I'm tired. We had two doctor's appointments, a lunch engagement, a gym appointment, United Co-op to figure out, school, bills to pay, speech, drugs to research - it was a full day.
ALL are OFF due to the time change!!! Zander and I seem to have the most difficult time with the changes. I'll have to post the blog tour review and giveaway tomorrow.


I saw another doctor today. "My" doctor is at Officer Training School of some sort. I was glad to see another doctor, a female doctor, who listened and understood my qualms about taking a Cat X drug. She agreed that this is not a drug to be taking at my age and with the possibility of further pregnancies. My other doc kept saying "my job is to treat symptoms as they present. I don't treat possibilities." Shew. THIS doc understood that possibilities ARE important to look at when asking someone to take a drug that could wreak havoc for years.
The good news is that my total cholesterol has dropped 90 points. I'm well below 200. My doc had said when it was below 200 I could go off the meds and try to maintain with lifestyle IF I'd have labs once a month. This doc was shocked he agreed to that - and that led to me telling her the WHOLE story about being Quiver Full and not wanting to take Cat X blah, blah, blah. She understood. She went to look for a drug that may help and that I could take if I was pregnant and wouldn't harm a baby. NO, I'm NOT pregnant....but I don't want to be taking nasty drugs.
She said the fact that my numbers didn't respond to diet and lifestyle change for 3 years and then drastically dropped after 4 weeks of Zocor shows that this is genetics. My other labs showed that I'm low on protein and calcium so she KNEW I'd not been eating a lot of red meat and whole milk. ::snort:: She believes if I do go off the drugs altogether, I will see my number rise to "dangerously high" levels again.
Her plan was for me to take a Cat C drug until I'm 50 and then go back on the Zocor. Evidently the Statin drugs, Zocor, really is the best for me to be taking....BUT she understood why I didn't want to take it with the possibility of pregnancy. I came home and researched and discovered that the side effects of gemfibrozil sound AWFUL. I guess I can try it for a month and see. I mean my liver didn't explode on Zocor. I learned to deal with the aches in my legs. I guess I'll be trying this new one for a month and seeing what happens (gallstones, nausea, dizzines, weight loss). I do NOT want to take the Niacin - she said it's like having perpetual hot flashes and from watching friends endure THOSE, I know I don't want that drug. LOL That would be JUST what a person dreams of...morning sickness AND hot flashes...the best of both worlds right there. ::snort::
I went to the gym and got in 45 minutes of cardio before I came home.