Thursday, August 27, 2015

Moving Things to the Caboose

Our goal today was to sort through the piles of stuff left in the house. We had taken EVERYTHING out of the trailer, this allows us to see how much space we have, touch each piece and decide if it goes with us or is donated. We are working on our second donate box (after the 4 van loads we've already donated).....anyway....I didn't think it would EVER fit. Take a look at the "piles".....
In the living room
Guitar, Ukalele, Microscope, Telescope, Warm Fuzzy Blanket
In the laundry room
The rolling totes are to be our ottomans until we save up to buy ones we want

 In our bathroom
The stuff in the tub came from the trailer so we had something to sleep on
I was slightly panicky at the thought of all this stuff still HERE after the movers left.  Michael is the voice of reason...there were many empty totes and tubs to use for organizing so the piles weren't as big as they looked. We ARE taking stuff to the girls. We have things here for friends. We are also taking some things to my parents. This allows us to get to things we may need before we are ready to take delivery of ALL our household goods - things like school books, van seats and suitcases. It's been a god-send as we find things the movers missed to know we can stuff it in a suitcase and take it to Oregon. LOL
We also had eight years of camping gear in the trailer to sort through so some of it was sure to be "non-essential." I'm sort of surprised there is only one little box full for donation at this point.

I was SURE we didn't need these - a mosquito hat and a snowsuit. If we take a wrong turn and in up in either the Amazon or the Arctic; we're prepared. We don't plan to be anywhere near snow or ice in the winter - but you never know. Michael pointed out we HAVE gotten quite lost before - it's part of the adventure.  Nonetheless, I must tease.

The kids worked HARD today. Here, Stacia moves the microscope and telescope to the Caboose.  My favorite two "moves" of the day was 1. the Big Wave curtain from the Butler's Pantry to  the Caboose - the bunk room is behind it and, 2. The "Welcome" decal on the front door  - taken directly from the front door of our current home.

Even Michael was stumped by this. We THOUGHT it was a screened room for the awning - but it's not the right shape. We settled on a mosquito netting for a canoe....then I found the hammock. We decided we aren't going to be camping, rather living, in nature. IF we find a place to hang the hammock that is THAT infested with mosquitoes, we'll stay inside. 

Yes, I did bring the essentials for Holidays....the wooden "wreath" works for Christmas and Easter, the birthday hat is in, Amon's Adventure, flags for each season  and the Resurrection eggs. 

Things ARE fitting much better than I expected.  We'll have some stuff to take to Matt and Rachel's so we have room to fill the Caboose and van with things going to Oregon...but we think it will all fit when we get back and settle in.

I did learn today one should not remove labels from plastic totes with heat guns. ::grin::

Michael also fixed my closet. I'll see what fits in it tomorrow.

Our goal is to finish the trailer in the morning and begin cleaning our current house in the afternoon. We turn over the key on Monday.

OH - we can't find the mailbox key. That's going to hurt. We'll call them in the a.m.

Three days and a wake up until we become full-timers.