Friday, July 24, 2015

Family Fun

We packed Friday full. Krista and BreAnne had the day off.

Our PLAN was to get Arielle's driver's license, get the car registered and open a credit union account. It was a good plan. Unfortunately, we forgot an important detail. She needs proof of her ADDRESS to do any of those things.  Their move-in date is contingent on the owners moving out, which is contingent on bank appraisers and so.....we didn't have a renter's agreement. Not to fear - we can order something on Amazon, have it shipped to Arielle and they will count it as proof of residency.  BUT we didn't get any of the business done on Friday. This means we had an extra day to "weelax."

Krista picked up food at a deli, we picked up Mom and Dad and we went to Armitage park. It was a great plan. It wasn't crowded, the river was relaxing....Bre met us....all in all an enjoyable day.
Bre and Me

Dad and Mom

Bocce Ball
 While they played, Mom  and I enjoyed a walk along the river. We found this bridge. 1887 - fun to think that Gram's would have been a girl and passed this way - when this bridge was here.

Izaak got off work. We met him for dinner. Then the kids, Michael and I went to a park to watch Krista talk about nutrition to a gathered group. She's the one in front leading exercises.  After the talk we watched Princess Bride in the park. It was GREAT, FREE fun!  

We didn't get home until 11:00 p.m.  It was short night before it was time to begin Saturday's adventures.