Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Daze

The older three children are pretty much doing "Straight up Tapestry of Grace" - which is an honors program if done as written.  

The younger two are doing Tapestry of Grace - Tweaked. ::snort::

Two things we've added to our recent school schedule are:

Crunches, planks and bridges before couch school.  Why? Because Zander and I can use the toning up, and it's never too early for Stacia to stay fit.  Zander does twice as many as me - NOW.  This also sort of helps Zander deal with wiggles and transition into couch school.

Stacia wants to learn the books of the Bible. Christie L sent  this link to Go Fish's  Bible Book Bop. I watched it, ripped it to my hard drive (is THAT the right terminology?) and we're listening to this each a.m. between table and couch school too. Stacia is winning this competition....seems she's had some outside help from Michael...memorizing old school.  Memorizing Acts 2 is how Michael and I developed a friendship which turned into a 28 year marriage...and counting....the man is good at memorizing. ::wink::

Zander is doing GREAT after our extended traveling and Christmas break. I was worried he would have lost ground but he's actually reading BETTER.....I'm praying this is the light bulb moment we've come to expect somewhere between 8 - 10. Have I mentioned lately, "Better Late Than Early," by Dr. Raymond Moore lately? Wow - THAT'S an OLD book. I remember hearing he and Dorothy when we lived in Portland in the 80's. ::grin:: In any event he and his studies gave us the courage to "wait" for the moment with our children that didn't "take off" at 3. LOL

I do believe the older set are going to get a full week of school done....and the younger set are going to get 2 1/2 weeks done. NOT BAD for a 3 day school week!  The older ones are caught up - younger ones and I are about 4 weeks behind due to our 8 week traveling/Christmas break....but we're closing the gap quickly.

Choosing Joy!
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