Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Practice, Germs, PAC, Shopping

The younger ones have been fighting a the crud I had before our vacation. They are losing the battle. Arielle  has been determined all week NOT to catch any of their germs. She must NOT be sick before the Easter Play tomorrow night. 
This morning was the annual PAC planning session. I think a lot of great things were covered. 

Arielle had Easter Program Practice afterwards. Yes, Easter in May because we had a tsunami and voluntary departure at Easter Time this year. Who says you can't celebrate Easter year round anyway? 

Anna and I found out late last night that Miyako would like us to bring down the remaining kits on Monday. They would also like us to add groceries. She and I spent the afternoon shopping for groceries for 90 families. All in all a fun and productive day. 

Choosing Joy!
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