Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Name that Veggie

The boys and I went out for a little adventure today. I'll write about the first part later.....but I'm really curious to see if some of you can help me out here.

We drove around until we found a farmer's market right off base that we'd heard of.

I learned a new word - nashi = pear....and the conversation to glean this info was hilarious. They are yellow and ROUND...I thought they were pears and not apples but wanted to check. I asked if they were apples...no, no, no. I held up green - "normal" looking pears and the yellow globes and said, "Pears? same?" and was told no....but then they came back with a little electric dictionary and told me "nashi - pears".

WHAT are these and how would you cook them?

I'm guessing the the long, geen things are a squash of some sort...but how would you cook it?

A full market basket...and we were happy!

It's funny to note that most everything I bought was marked down, with a big red slash through it and wasn't the "freshest". They explained this to me...but most was 1/2 the normal price and looked just as good as the "fresh" produce at HEB....this basket full cost me Y2800....but I think I'll begin to set aside a weekly yen allowance for produce at the markets. The produce (even at the grocery stores) is MUCH fresher than the commissary.

Choosing Joy!
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