Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mission, Beach, Museum FUN

Arielle and Nolan left today for a mission's trip to Iwate. This is an area which was hit hard by the 3-11 earthquake/tsunami.  They will have a VBS type program at two or three schools, distribute rice, help with a project, visit those still in shelters....and grow and learn and be changed.  This is the third trip PYOC has taken since 3-11-11. Kim and her volunteers are amazing.

Sam (left) used to be our neighbor. She's one of the youth we take to PYOC on Monday. She's moved now, but her mom still drops her off to go with us to PYOC and we drop her off at night. They're laughing as this I'd just told her to stay in the photo - she's part of the family.

Stacia and Zander were THRILLED when they found we'd be watching John today. His parents are both on the trip. Mom will be back 07:00 found us heading home....where we immediately had a HUGE water fight - like water in the house. ::snort:: That's what I get for taking care of one pressing PWOC regional issue.

I decided Bible study would be out of the question with these three in we went to the beach. They really wanted to go and I thought early a.m. would be best. We were at the beach from 10:00 - 12:00.....we used a TON of sun screen....but I didn't realize 10 - 12 is the HOTTEST time of the day here as the sun rises of us are quite burned and won't be going tomorrow. Bummer. It's fine I have a couple of inside events planned tomorrow. ::grin:: But we ARE trying to get every moment we can at the beach.

We came home and had lunch. Then headed to another favorite spot - The Air and Space Museum.  Below is the moment John said in surprise to Stacia, "You're STRONG!" ::grin::

Directly from here I dropped the boys off with Becky so they could play with her son for an hour and Stacia and I went to get our first hair cut since JUNE. Michael called and was going home early so he picked up the boys. We finished our haircuts and ran through the commissary. Dinner, clean up, a run for Michael and the kids are watching Chicken Run.....full day.

Choosing Joy!
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