Saturday, October 21, 2023

October Celebration

 We gathered to celebrate Larissa, Carrie and Charles' birthday today! It happened to fall on CHARLE'S birthday. It's hard to believe Little Buddy is 3 - though he IS convinced he is 11.  He was happy with his cake and the singing. Danny is the one who gets into singing Happy Birthday. 

Little Buddy was thrilled to blow out his candles...

and then the candle on Carrie's cheesecake...and even the candle on Larissa's cheesecake. 

Charles is certainly the most exuberant celebrant today. 

Bre's got a houseful of sick children and couldn't make it today...but Krista, Luke and the kids were able to be here...and Charle's bio grandparents came as well. Allie was home in time to join the fun. We missed Alex and Nolan.  I picked up a few toys for the younger set to play with...cracked me up that the boys turned them into "muscles." 

Noah did eventually get to enjoy he and Trudy's new toy. It's hard to believe his is 9 months old today!

Photo by Larissa

Photo by Larissa

Allie and Stacia have a murder mystery to attend this evening. They broke away and got ready. Charles was very impressed with the "swishy" dresses. 

Photo by Carrie

Noah and Boys. Photo by Carrie

Benny & Livie. Photo by Carrie

It was a fun day. I am relaxing with a cuppa tea, waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. LOL