Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PWOC Moves to Our New Home

Joyful Thoughts - Day Eleven
1. PWOC's first day in our new facility! CWOC provided hospitality and that was a LIFE SAVER as we all learned what needs to be done to set up in the new place.
2. Thankful for the workout I got running from building to building.
3. Thankful our new Bible study group. I like these girls - I like them a lot. ::grin::

Thirteen hours out of the home and I don't KNOW how our men do this!!!!!  I want to stay in PJ's all day tomorrow. ::snort::

In many ways today felt like another kick off for our women's ministry.  New rooms, new children's rooms, lots of questions... trying to establish new routines which will work smoothly in this place...but WE DID IT. I heard so MANY positives about the new facility. After all the negative comments as we've moved things and cleaned throughout the summer, it was HEARTENING to hear positive. The kids even mentioned how many Moms made comments about the spacious Children's rooms. The only drawback is the bathrooms....and that may have to be a post all of it's own. You KNOW I love to write international bathroom themed emails. Let's just say  I was glad I got cell phone reception and had Katie in my phone. LOL

That banner means this is our new home! ::grin:: The building to the right has rooms for Kids Flight, CWOC and a PWOC study. The building in the middle of the photo is the library and is where we hold our general meeting/breakfast and a Bible study. The building to the far left/front is the admin building. It houses the nursery and another Bible study. There are two more buildings we aren't using. Behind the Admin building in the gym - which is where we hold our Sunday a.m. worship service.  It's all new now but I predict it will truly feel like "home" within a month.
We pulled some vases, flowers and a photo out of the PWOC closet to put on those rows of shelves.....and Cheri made THIS....I love it. It is firmly at home in the front of the library...right below our "Be Imitators" banner.....We may be able to fill the rest of those shelves with various little fripperies and not have to buy oodles of curtains. LOL
Look at the heart closely- it's the coolest thing for a chapel!

The day is pretty much summed up above....Bible study, board meeting, dropped a couple of books off, clean up, SCHOOL in the afternoon, Bible study at night...and home.  I was SO impressed that the kids DID A FULL DAY OF SCHOOL while I cleaned up and ran an errand. The aura of the library may have impacted them.
It feels good to finally be getting use from the facility....Sunday School begins Sunday. 

Choosing Joy!
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