Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take a walk with us....

Not only did we do laundry ... but SCHOOL.:: Snort:: Nolan and Arielle had piano lessons. I taught the boys that housework can truly be fun.
After school we went on a long walk - an hour. It was cold by the time we got home. Really windy - seems we're in the midst of gust warnings today.:: Snort:: I wouldn't trade the walk for anything. The younger three came with me. I showed them various farming things ..... and the Japanese neighborhood "across the way ".... We were able to talk to several on our walk. I need to get back to my prayer walks around the neighborhood.

We've watched our shed through summer, fall and winter ... now it's spring. We can tell it's spring because all the farmers are tilling the fields, tilling in manure, and the snow is gone. I guess there is a planting manure season and a fall manure season.

In the fall, they created these raised beds, planted onions and covered it all with plastic. When the snow melted.....

The last few weeks they've been planting and then building these little "tents" around the rows .... This would be easier than bringing my planters in every night .... I may have to go buy supplies.

You can see the holes to let water in ... and there are green little plants inside ... though I couldn't figure out type of plant. Nani desu ka? Didn't bring me an answer I understood .. ...

Sweet ... sweet ... SWEET .... he really IS forming relationships quite well. My heart is full.

Getting away from the neighborhood allowed us to hear BIRDS. It appears we do have birds other than crows in Misawa.

The mother lode ...:: snort:: Pewwwww ....

We walked down and across the fields to a community of what appears to be farmers.

A closer look, shows the glassed in rooms for drying laundry that are common in many homes. Some have sheds with windows all around just for drying their laundry .... this is something to consider.:: Snort::

Since I'm rather taken with Japanese laundry techniques .... note the balcony of the very fancy home above. This is what I was going to do before Akiko talked me into trying the laundry stand.

Just like mine ... but staying upright .... don't get it.

We saw signs of spring over in this neighborhood ...

Our irrigation ditches are still empty ... but these are running ....

It didn't take Zander long to make the connection (Japanese neighborhood in the background).

It got cold and we decided to head for home ..... the red roofs in the far distance, across the fields

The ditches nearer our home are still dry ...

She does charm the obisans and farmers.

Back at home, I made dinner. Since Stacia's insistent request last week, I know you all wonder if I'm cooking. I made ranch potato wedges, Baked chicken breasts and garlic bread. This is an easy meal, and EVERYONE eats it.

Seven months ago we were disappointed not to be moving into a base home. We earnestly sought permission to stay on base. We eagerly looked for living close to base. We see now, how God richly blessed us. Nature refreshes me. We've only to leave "little America" and we're out in nature ... in fact .... I can simply walk to the far side of my home and I see fields and horses ..... I do this often and drink in the renewing wonder of God's creation. Seriously, THIS is why I hang laundry. I love the little breaks outside to watch the birds, horses and fields ..... I love the discussions with laundry helpers and on those rare instances when none of them volunteer to help, I love the solitude breaks in nature. So far, they aren't building in the fields behind us.

A stolen van, new ministry role for myself, off-base home, deployment after an International move .... None were in our plans, but each was in God's plan ..... and I'm truly in a great place . I'm walking in the facets of His plan for our lives - with delight. None of this is meant to give the impression that I don't desperately miss Michael or worry about him, I do. However, I take great joy in knowing we are in the hands of a sovereign God. As Mom and Dad taught me years ago when we lived in Southern Mindanao with rebels and martial law ..... "We're always safest in God's will." Most satisfied too, I think.
Choosing Joy!
© 2010 D.R.G.
~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God ...

Zander's Prayer


Dear Heavenly Lord,

Thank you for my Dad and Mom and my whole family. I love them very much. Thank you for so many new friends. Please comfort my friend in San Angelo (Everson) for I know he misses me very much. ":: Snort: :

I'd say Zander has learned to interact with others and form relationships. It makes me tear up when I think of where we were 5 years ago. This would be a good time to mention that we had some shirt and lip chewing when Mike left ... but no head banging and such. I didn't see a huge regression. He continues to ask we pray that Dad has a safe war ... all signs that he's engaged in family life .... and I'm so very thankful myself tonight.

Choosing Joy!
© 2010 D.R.G.
~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God ...

Thunder and Rain - From Michael

It has been about a week now that there has been a steady reverberation in the distant mountains. Lightning has been sparking on the mountain tops that surround us, and thunder has been echoing across this rather vast valley. It brings back memories of Colorado in the Spring time. On a clear day you an see the snow-covered mountains behind those which are nearer. They apparently are the beginnings of the Himalayas. Rather impressive. I will post a pic of the "much-snow-ee-a" ones later - when it is clear.

Choosing Joy!
© 2010 D.R.G.
~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God ...