Monday, November 21, 2016

Refreshing Friend Day on the Road

Our first travel day with the motor home.

We began the day at Walmart. I didn't say a word, but Michael knew I'd appreciate picking up some sheets and such.....He knows me well. He loves me well.
First Walmart stop with the RV
We were at Ring Power a bit before they opened at 0800. The inspector had told us we needed to replace the generator and engine coolant before our long trip. He also suggested flushing out the transmission fluid "in the near future."  Ring was able to do all three today. It took longer than we expected...but the time was well spent.

Steve was Michael's best man. He drove to Tallahassee and spent the morning with us. It always refreshes the heart to spend time with dear friends and today was EXHAUSTING but REFRESHING.
Michael and Steve - still our best man

Bugs are attracted to our wide windshield. 

Michael pumped his first diesel for the RV

We drove up the road and stopped for dinner....and look who met us at the Cracker Barrel off I 10! So fun to see dear friends from Japan in Florida. I hadn't seen Barb for 3 years and Twyla and Joey for 5 years (or maybe 4 1/2). 
Barb, me and Twyla

Twyla and Joey
 We stopped for the night - but not before Michael washed the windshield again and filled the tank. We have a 100 gal tank and are getting a bit over 10 mpg - that's better than we got with the van and trailer.  Having a longer leash will make trips easier.
Good night!