Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 1 - STILL HERE in W TX...

Mike told me I had time to go write a blog post. ::snort:: ::gasp:: ::chortle:: I think that translates to, "step away from the trailer, cease and desist". I told him I had no time to upload photos from the camera and post them...but he said to go write a post...and I'm oh so here I am....keeping out of the way while the men do whatever it is men do when it seems to the women that all is ready.....and of course there will be the last minute flurry to the bathroom while the women are strapped in the car. ::snort:: With 5 boys this phase alone takes a bit of time.

He told me to get an A bag and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what he wanted. I keep walking out to the trailer, standing there, starting for the house, forgetting what I'm getting, going back to the trailer and starting all over... is it any wonder he told me to go write a blog post?

I remembered that I needed a book for the VAN....but my bag is somewhere in the bowels of the THE REALLY BIG THING (Bertha, The Bus, The Turd)......I had to run and pick another book for the van - ended up picking 3. ::snort::

Water bottles are filled, pillows in the van, lap top stowed, jump drive located, check book balanced, all spreadsheets in file, copies printed for Cy, cell phone charged, cases of food in the trailer....somewhere.

We are now 1 hour and 55 minutes behind schedule.....I wonder if we will make it to NM....I'm thinking I should have gone ahead and fed everyone....the plan is always to drive a few hours and stop for breakfast.

The children are really getting wild now as Jamin and Mike run around....I hear an air compressor.... The dog is really sulking...tail between the leg, rear haunch planted firmly on the ground, a "hang dog look". She knows we are leaving and always gets like this. We usually take her but Cy will be here for 2 weeks...and then one of Arielle's friends is going to take care of her...she'll be happier here than in a kennel in WA.

Really there is NOTHING to write about.....ARGH did I pack the Benadryl??????? I need it now! And we've not left our house. Sleep is for wimps! But sometimes wimpy is good, Lisa.

Hey- have you ever wondered what the deal is with SPF SWIMWEAR???? That's the only kind they had when I picked up a darling, modest two piece for Stacia. Last night they had all kinds of one pieces...but no white sandals....Mom if you see girls, size 8 white (or tan) sandals with STRAPS on the heel for Stacia, please pick them up and I'll pay you. ANYWAY - I got to wondering.....WHY SPF on the clothes. I don't usually burn on the parts of my body that are COVERED?

I think I'll go read in the van......


We should have left an hour and half ago - can't you tell? But the littles are waking and the trailer is being connected...soon.

I do have a new lap top - when we figure it out I'll post photos...

CY is home - darling photos of he and Stacia. He's meeting us in SEA in July to fly to AK.

More later.......