Tuesday, February 28, 2023

February Snippets

 Glimpses of the "little things" which gave the month meaning and fun.  Look at this sweet valentine!

Noah at about a month 📸by Larissa

Sisters! Bella and Trudy (about 3 months)

📸by BreAnne

We call this vibe night - a time when sisters (and Mom if I'm not too tired) relax together...this night was face masks and soaking - while Michael and I were in Hawaii. 

📷by Allie

Shaved Ice in honor of Hawaii - we have lots of snow. 
📷by Stacia

The one on the right is 2 oz - a LARGE egg - which makes most our eggs jumbo.

Stacia made these wonderful pillows of sweetness...

Bella with her flowery hair clip from Hawaii
📷by Bre

A boy with his box of treasures

Tuesday morning work out with the boys! 

Josiah helped Jared get the snow off their roof. 
Jared 📸by Larissa

Josiah 📸by Larissa

Hello! Sweet Noah! 
📸by Larissa

It's hard to believe February is already ending....on with March! 

Bit of An Odd Week

 It was a bit of an odd day. I won't be spending Tuesday morning with the boys....there is a bit more margin in my schedule this week. I had a pedicure. I went to a shop with one tech...and so it was quiet, just she and I...and while it's not a spa experience exactly - it is the closest to the pedicures I got in Korea and the Philippines. LOL  I sat by the window, watched the snow, read a book while my feet soaked....and Oy is good - a bit painful at times - but overall my feet are doing much better since I found her. Y'all she takes a cheese grater to my heels...she hasn't pulled out the razor as they did in Korea. 

There was far too much craziness at CoRielle's for them to work on Tuesday. I called to see if I could help in any way even though they didn't need me to babysit. Arielle asked me to take Little Buddy to therapy. I was happy for an outing with him. Such hugs and cuddles....and it was fun to see his love of Lane!!!! his therapist. Benny and Danny were a little sad they couldn't come to us. We stopped by my favorite coffee shack on the way home and bought drinks, got a free cookie and got some mini-doughnuts. They were satisfied with the treat...and got so much done while Little Buddy and I took care of business. 

Benny, what manner of craziness is THIS? Could it be a case of cabin fever? 
Dressed for the snowstorm?


After all the planning and saving...they were finally ready to launch Tuesday afternoon. 


Little Buddy and Cory 

Yes, see the gal peaking from the row behind? Stacia is with them. She is getting to enjoy an Auntie/Nanny gig. 
Danny, Arielle and Benny in row 1 

And late Tuesday night pieces of our heart landed in HAWAII! The two year olds are enjoying  the novelty of being up late at night. 

No March 1st snowstorm where they are! LOL 

Seesters (and toddlers) in Hawaii! 

Arielle, Danny, Stacia, Little Buddy 


Ending the day with some reading from Pickle Fairies - written for the kids by Stacia. 

It hasn't escaped my notice I am blogging THEIR Hawaiin vacation before ours! I must fix that. LOL 

*All photos from Hawaii were sent by either Arielle or Stacia. Mostly Arielle.