Sunday, March 07, 2010


Two airplanes,one night with friends in Tokyo, four commuter planes, a Shinkansen, and a dear friend waiting in Misawa....I'm HOME!!! Until Thursday. ::snort::

There was only one slightly puzzling moment. I was in Urawa and was looking for the West Exit...but I couldn't find an English sign....I think I was simply too tired. A nice gentleman saw my confusion and headed me to the west exit where Ryu met me. It's a 5 - 6 minute walk from the station to their apartment where this awaited me....

JUNNIE!!!! Such a sweetie. Thanks again, Ryu and Kim for your hospitality. I enjoyed the visiting, sharing your bird's eye view of Tokyo, and the "shoe" cream this a.m. at the station. Isn't this a pretty sign?

Kim was sure if I tried the train once, I'd be set to enjoy it for the next 3 years. She's right. Mary told me that her family really enjoys the train more than the commuter flight from here....I'm with them. LOTS more leg room, comfortable seats....and nicer views.
I will be sure to look for plane connections from now on that will allow a train ride to Narita, rather than picking up bags in Haneda, driving across Tokyo and rechecking bags at Narita. This was great fun.
For those wondering...not ONE airsick bag was utilized on this trip. ::snort::

Time to go hug on some kids a bit more, take Jared in for Youth and hang out at the Weasel's Den....and then my own sweet bed. BTW - it would appear that not only my heart but my bio-rhythms belong to Japan....I slept fine last jet lag yet on this return flight. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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